“If This, Then That” the New Way to Stay Connected

It’s early in the morning and the alarm goes off.

You hit snooze and roll over, instantly reaching for your phone. Your first instinct is to check social media to catch up with what you missed while you have been sleeping.

You look at the funny cat video your friend has shared and see what dumb thing Trump has said now. Only after you have gone through and checked all of your social media sites, do you get up and start getting ready for your day.

In today’s society, it is nearly impossible not to be connected to the online world in some way. Whether it is Instagram or Twitter, everyone has access to their smartphones or tablets that keep them engaged throughout the day.

There are so many apps out there that it is hard to keep track of them all. In a recent article, what the internet of things has is a failure to communicate, posted by readwrite, they explored how to solve this problem.

They interviewed CEO and cofounder of “If This, Then That” (IFTTT), Linden Tibbets to learn more on his services to connect all devices.

IFTTT allows their users to connect their devices and digital services so that they can access them all in one service. This “recipe,” a set of instructions, lets other people use as well to make the same connection with their devices.

Photo courtesy of Google

Tibbets explains how he wanted more creative control online and IFTTT makes the digital world more fluid and imaginative.

Their service lets customers stay engaged online, keep their work efficient, connect their home and car, and can be used to track their fitness activity. It combines the digital world with reality that makes every day life flow better.

This is very important for future journalist because it is offering new ways to be connected to the internet.

Now people can quickly send out a tweet, get all the latest news updates, keep track of their favorite sports team, and easily sync files across the cloud. Journalist now have more access to various apps and can get the word out quicker.

The services that IFTTT offer are unbelievable.

This app knows when you leave work and will turn the heat up in your house so you can arrive to a warm and cozy home. You can control the lights from this app or easily lock your house on those days when you are running late.

IFTTT are already connected with Facebook and Twitter and work with many more services. Their goal is to make our lives easier while also opening our minds for more creative opportunities. IFFTT is interesting because it is the first time that allows you to access everything you need in one service.

After looking further into their site, I had become very fascinated. There are so many cool things you can do with this app.

Photo courtesy of Google
I don’t even drink coffee, but I want the ability to brew a pot from my bed just because I can.

I believe that IFTTT’s services will become increasingly popular among the public. It is a simple way to have everything you need in one device.

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