Remember that your sadness is tangible, organic, important and useful. Sadness is what reminds us of what it means to hurt. Sadness drives empathy — it is how we remember not to hurt others, and how to lead with our hearts. Your sadness is fuel for understanding mine. And your sadness is borne of you, not the scripted lines of the Sad Fatty.
In defense of fat sadness.
Your Fat Friend

Yes. Yes. Absolutely, yes. Our feelings are real and valid and we are 100% allowed to have them, even if (and especially because) we are fat.

When we fat folk are allowed to feel, that fuel you speak of, of understanding the feelings of others, it can move mountains.

Empathy. Compassion. The world needs so much more compassion. Reminders like yours can help us all make it real. Thank you so much.