The 6 Untold Secrets Of Entrepreneurs
Tommy Baker

The good, the bad and the ugly of entrepreneurship simply scare the pants off of people who’ve tried and failed or who would never dare.

The fluctuating feast or famine, the failed launches, the experimentation and the days when you just plain look stupid are occupational hazards, not things to be eliminated. I help people build businesses in the hopes of shortening the learning curve and helping them stay in the game when the going gets tough, but no business coach alive can completely take away the pains and uncertainty of entrepreneurship, no matter how many easy payments of just blah-blah-97 you pay them.

The dream of successful entrepreneurship is now a graphic-design-enhanced, sales-copy-cover-written, podcasted-to-death valley of self-appointed messiahs all looking to solve the same problem — how do you actually DO this thing?

The problem with this model is that there IS no correct answer. Entrepreneurship is the haven of oddballs, unique characters and unusual career combinations that would undoubtedly strike out if they were forced to follow best practices. We entrepreneurs are the mutts at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and only SOME of us know how to strut.

Thanks, Tommy Baker, for reminding us that while we may never pass for purebred entre-poodles, it’s ok to be that goofy-looking Labradoodle in business, as long as you own it.

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