Brissy sometimes gets lost in the conversation of Australia’s best burgers, Sydney and Melbourne have dominated for so long it hasn’t really left room for anyone else. More recently in Brisbane, though the same trend in American style burgers, with mac ‘n’ cheese, smashed patties and truffle sauces that have been gracing Sydney and Melbourne have landed in the Sunshine State.

We reached out to Brisbane’s one and only burger eating machines, Brisbane Burger Quest, for their top restaurant picks.

Nothing gets a burger purists knickers more in a knot than telling them their “chicken sandwich” is a burger. So what really constitutes a burger?

Traditionally speaking, a hamburger is the ground meat pattie placed between buns so why do so many Aussies call anything between two buns a burger?

Technology inserts itself into all parts of our lives. Sometime’s for the better, sometimes for worse. In this case we think it’s the former and we may have found one of the best measures yet for high volume burger eaters to do their bit for the planet.

The Burger Holder

Look we haven’t crunched the numbers here but surely with over 92 million burgers eaten in Australia each year, if the top 10% of eaters purchased a reusable burger holder then we could reduce our impact on the environment by curbing the amount of paper, plastics and other waste used on burger boxes. You do it with your coffee, start doing it with your burgers too.

The Burger Collective

Find the best burgers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth all through our new app. Plus reviews, deals and community leaderboards.

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