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Brissy sometimes gets lost in the conversation of Australia’s best burgers, Sydney and Melbourne have dominated for so long it hasn’t really left room for anyone else. More recently in Brisbane, though the same trend in American style burgers, with mac ‘n’ cheese, smashed patties and truffle sauces that have been gracing Sydney and Melbourne have landed in the Sunshine State.

We reached out to Brisbane’s one and only burger eating machines, Brisbane Burger Quest, for their top restaurant picks.

If you’re anything like us, when going out to eat comes up amongst friends and family our first thoughts are to open the TBC app and to figure out which burger joint we’ll be going to… unfortunately, not everyone can stomach burgers 7 days a week. With this being said we’ve spoken to local expert Issac Eats A Lot for his pick of Sydney’s Best Café Burgers in the hope of guiding you and your mates towards a cracker brunch spot with a an epic burger.

Issac says: “Come for the burgers but stay for the desserts”.

In a world where everyone and their dog is slinging extravagant burgers for the purpose of one-upping each other, topped with deep-fried cheese monstrosities, slathered in exotic sauces likely to burn a hole in your plumbing, and wagyu beef — so much wagyu beef, in fact, that it’s no longer a commodity — Burger King New Zealand is taking a stand.

And by taking a stand, I mean they’re getting back to basics with the introduction of a time-honoured classic to their menu: the humble chip butty.

Depending on where you hail from on the globe, you may know…

Nothing gets a burger purists knickers more in a knot than telling them their “chicken sandwich” is a burger. So what really constitutes a burger?

Traditionally speaking, a hamburger is the ground meat pattie placed between buns so why do so many Aussies call anything between two buns a burger?

To help settle the score in our now global market we asked a couple local burger experts and one international superstar what their definition of a burger is — their comments are below.

Technology inserts itself into all parts of our lives. Sometime’s for the better, sometimes for worse. In this case we think it’s the former and we may have found one of the best measures yet for high volume burger eaters to do their bit for the planet.

The Burger Holder

Look we haven’t crunched the numbers here but surely with over 92 million burgers eaten in Australia each year, if the top 10% of eaters purchased a reusable burger holder then we could reduce our impact on the environment by curbing the amount of paper, plastics and other waste used on burger boxes. You do it with your coffee, start doing it with your burgers too.

A sexy eatery by the name of Neighbourhood in Bondi has just come onboard the SS Burger Collective as a premium partner. And what this means is that you — the loyal members — are in for something truly special. Because not only will you be able to enjoy the full Hood experience of tasty eats and cocktail treats… you’ll also be able to cop a burger and a beer for just $15 every Monday!

Pictured with fries

$15 — let’s really break down the economics within this very offer. Each one of Neighbourhood’s artisanal burgers come with a usual price tag of…

Image: ABC News

It’s something I’ve wondered for a while but never thought to Google. Why does it always seem like cops are eating at McDonald’s? Was it just that they wear a uniform so I noticed them more? Or was it because McDonald’s was actually enticing the Police Force to eat at their restaurants? And then I began to wonder why McDonald’s would offer a discount scheme like that and what they were set to gain from it? The only plausible reason I could come up with was this:

McDonald’s entices police with free/discounted meals = Safer restaurant environment = More customers

If there is one thing Aussies love doing in their spare time — it's barbecuing, and there is no better spot to do that than at home. The burger scene in Australia has evolved from tuck shop rolls filled with egg, bacon, and beetroot to gourmet burgers with specialty meat blends, cheeses, and buns, and frankly your home burgers should be evolving with it.

Next time your significant other asks you to cook up a storm, try adding one of these delicious ingredients to your burger and watch the compliments start flowing in.

Truff Hot Sauce — It’s time to…

by Ross Kemp on Burgers

Tim from Burger Point flipping his hand pressed patties at Burger Expo 2019.

It’s the most important ingredient of our beloved, beefy affair — the burger itself, or for most Aussies, the patty.

From when I was growing up I can remember there being two main types of patties in the burgers we’d eat. We had Maccas, let’s be honest it was every kid’s favourite, those thin, cheesy meat discs did it for us, and they’re still doing it for us today. The other type was a works burger from the corner store. …

The Burger Collective

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