Comfort meets concept in Burger Head’s Twisties burger

📸 — Burger Head Penrith

There are few things more iconic than lunch time handball matches, anxiously collecting footy tazos, and weekday programming on the ABC when it comes to an Australian millennial’s childhood. One such exception ranking high amongst this gallery of nostalgia includes the classic Twisties chips. As I type this now, I can almost guarantee memories of scoffing those misshapen batons in all their cheesy goodness followed by a solid session of
finger licking playing back in your mind’s VCR. The sheer pleasure of tearing open a packet, and having that aroma of nitrogen preserved flavouring hit your nose is a privilege we are fortunate enough to experience in this sunburnt land of ours. Suffice it to say, Twisties are in a class of their own — and they just got better in the creation of an equally iconic burger.

📸 — Ross Kemp on Burgers on The Burger Collective app

Penrith’s very own Burger Head has just given birth to the most wonderful monstrosity, which is sure to turn more than a few heads, even in this post-Epic Meal Time world. The burger in question itself has been garnering quite the bit of attention on The Burger Collective app and social media alike. From the hearts, minds, and souls (not to mention kitchen) of Timothy Rosenstrauss, Richard Borg and Josh DeLuca comes The Twisties Burger, a certified show stopper… the show in this case potentially being your arteries and digestive tract. This bad boy starts off on a base of Twisties-infused milk buns, sandwiching a mouth-watering smashed Angus beef patty, smothered in bacon jam, lined with dill pickles and onions, under a blanket of American hi-melt cheese, Twisties mayonnaise, and yep, you guessed
it — topped off with a handful of Twisties. An undertaking that well and truly warrants a belt loosening or two, and extra napkins just to be safe.

📸 — Spooning Australia

This burger is so much more than novelty food. This burger is the ex you keep crawling back to despite having her ruin your life on multiple occasions. This burger is what Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park was referring to in that line about scientists being so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they didn’t stop to think if they should. This burger is
ultimately why our cavemen ancestors fought so hard to ensure our survival as a species; in the hopes that one day, we would all come to enjoy the bountiful and cheese-laden feast that was promised.

This is The Twisties Burger, and as legendary as history will undoubtedly remember it, this will only be available until September 21st. So head on down to Burger Head, and be a part of something bigger than burgers, bigger than The Burger Collective, and bigger than yourselves.

Burger Head ( located on 17/98 Henry St, Penrith. Download The Burger Collective app today, and receive free bacon when you scan in-store, plus a whole lot of other bonuses for all your burger related needs.

Happy burgering,