Sydney’s most reviewed burger joints

Want to know the best place to find your next burger in Sydney? The Burger Collective community has been finding, eating and reviewing Sydney’s best burgers joints. So we’ve put together a list of the top 10 most reviewed restaurants around the harbour city.

Number One — BL Burgers Darlinghurst

Number of reviews: 206

Rating in app: 4.1

Member Deal: $2 off the special

BL’s flagship store takes out the number one spot; it’s no secret that they make some of the most delicious burgers in Australia, but it’s their specials that set them apart from other restaurants. Each week thousands of burger lovers across Sydney wait to see what their next creation will be. I mean — how many times can you make a burger go viral?

TBC tip: Add fried chicken to the Blame Canada, it will be the greatest decision you ever make.

Number two — Burger Head

Number of reviews: 177

Rating in app: 4.7

Member Deal: Free Bacon

Burger Head is relatively new to the burger scene in Sydney, but with two Michelin chefs at the helm who both have backgrounds in fine-dining, they aren’t playing around. Everything bar the buns is made in-house, and they are fast becoming famous for their smashed patties, it’s making us hungry just thinking about it!

TBC tip: The “Classic Cheese” is rumoured to be the best cheeseburger in Sydney but don’t just take our word for it!

Number Three — Royal Stacks Chatswood

Number of reviews: 158

Rating in app: 4.2

Member Deal: Free upsize on tots and fries

When Royal Stacks opened in Sydney burger lovers rejoiced. Sydney-siders could finally enjoy what was arguably the closest thing to the famous American restaurant chain, Shake Shack. Conveniently located in Chatswood Westfield, the new Sydney store is proving to be a massive hit with burger lovers.

TBC tip: Add a Mac and Cheese Croquette to a Miss Elizabeth and thank us later.

Number Four — Down N’ Out

Number of reviews: 138

Rating in app: 4.3

Member Deal: $2 off the special

Run by two burger moguls, Archie Saliba and Ben Kagan, the guys behind the biggest burger festival in Australia, Burgapalooza and famous for their “out there” creations like the Pokémon range which went viral last year. They keep a secret weapon behind the grill who implements all of the crazy ideas they come up with — if you find yourself in the CBD, check them out!

TBC tip: The beer range is killer as well!

Number Five — BL Burgers Parramatta

Number of reviews: 133

Rating in app: 4.2

Member Deal: $2 off the special

The latest BL to open up and it couldn’t be in a better location! Residents of the West have gone crazy over the launch, and it’s proving to be a hugely popular lunch and dinner option.

TBC tip: Add jalapeños and Suicide sauce to the Blame Canada to unlock the Flame Canada.

Number Six — Bar Luca

Number of reviews: 119

Rating in app: 4.1

Member Deal: Free fries

Luca has been doing insane burger creations since early 2014 when they created arguably Sydney’s favourite burger, the Blame Canada. The burgers became so popular founders Sarah, and James Robbins started their burger brand “BL Burgers” which has three stores across Sydney and is continually growing in popularity.

TBC tip: The cocktail specials are almost as good as the burgers!

Number Seven — Chicken & Son’s Chatswood

Number of reviews: 111

Rating in app: 4.4

Member Deal: Free house-made soda

The kings of chicken — these guys make some of the biggest burgers you’ll find, and they never compromise on ingredient quality. The open kitchen layout means you get a sneak peek of how it’s done behind the scenes, and it’s seriously impressive. If you ever find yourself in Chatswood and are craving some fried chicken between buns — you know where to go.

TBC tip: The house-made soda changes regularly, and it’s the bomb!

Number Eight — Brooklyn Depot Surry Hills

Number of reviews: 80

Rating in app: 4.1

Member deal: 10% Off

Brooklyn Depot, an American themed diner has proved incredibly popular with TBC members. The burgers are big and juicy, and there is plenty to like about their selection. Featuring beef, pork, lamb, chicken and veg there is a burger for everyone’s taste.

TBC Tip: Check out the wings, you will not be disappointed.

Number Nine — BBJ Express

Number of reviews: 56

Rating in app: 4.3

Member Deal: 10% off for TBC members

The second restaurant to come from the Burgers By Josh brand, located in popular Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney you will often see a line of 50 people out the front, and for a good reason. Regularly drawing inspiration from different pop cultures and not shy of causing a stir in the burger scene, it’s undeniable his burgers are here to stay.

TBC Tip: Get there before the lunch rush or you could be waiting a while!

Number Ten— Burger Co. By Kingston

Number of reviews: 56

Rating in app: 4.3

Member Deal: Free fries

Tucked away on the rooftop of Westfield Hurstville is a hidden gem in Burger Co. Mincing their own patties fresh daily using Brisket, Chuck & Flank to deliver some of the juiciest in the business.

TBC Tip: Don’t leave without trying their imported sodas!

So now you know who the top 10 most reviewed restaurants in Sydney are on The Burger Collective app.

Happy Burgering,