NAADAM cashmere is a socially conscious fashion company. They started off on kickstarter, and this was to limit outside influence while they developed their products. The intent of the company is to create a cyclical system to fund their foundation: Mongolian nomads and their goats. NAADAM is fully committed to consistently producing the finest quality fabrics as well as ensuring the longevity of their cashmere. The company’s story starts off with two NYU graduates immersing themselves into the Mongolian lifestyle.

Matthew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus, founders of NAADAM, checked into a hostel in Mongolia. They met with a Wall Street Journal journalist who introduced them to a nomadic family. Eventually they were left at a ger, a traditional Mongolian home, in the Gobi Desert for 3 weeks. After surviving out there, they wanted to give back to their hosts — their idea was to create a business that would preserve the Mongolian’s traditional way of life. To keep their philosophy in helping the nomads, Matt & Diederik named their business NAADAM which is Mongolian for “games”. This references the traditional competitions where the natives participate in horseback riding, archery, and wrestling. …

Josh Choe

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