Maintainable User Interface Testing with Ember
Brian Sipple

Awesome summary Brian Sipple!

There are two things worth noting though:

  • The Babel polyfill includes a lot more than just support for async/await and is quite a heavy dependency. If you only want to use async/await there is a better alternative: ember-maybe-import-regenerator. It only imports the regenerator polyfill, but not the rest of the polyfills. Just add it as a dependency and you’re done (this is what ember-concurrency is using).
  • The custom test helpers you described are nice but when using ember-native-dom-helper they are not necessary. It is much better and actually easier to write an async function using the ember-native-dom-helpers and then explicitly importing that from the tests that use it. Those custom functions won’t work with andThen() and friends anymore but when using async/await you don’t need those anymore anyways.

Let me know if you need more information on those things :)

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