Welcome to TCC Insights, a blog from the Technology CEO Council. The Technology CEO Council (TCC) is the information technology industry’s leading public policy advocacy organization comprised exclusively of chief executive officers from America’s top information technology companies, including Akamai Technologies, Dell, EMC, IBM, Intel, Micron, Oracle, Xerox and Qualcomm.

For more than 25 years, TCC has been dedicated to advancing policies that promote innovation and U.S. competitiveness through technology leadership. Today, there has never been a more critical need for this leadership. As it has so many times over the course of history, technology innovation has brought us to the cusp of what will be a significant transformation that will impact consumers, companies and nations. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the proliferation of “smart” devices will fundamentally change the way that consumers go about daily life and the way that business is conducted.

Let’s be clear: While the IoT has many implications for consumers’ daily lives, this is much more than a network of connected toasters. The IoT will enable everything from autonomous cars and home monitoring for healthcare patients to smart factories and even smart cities.

However, in order to fully realize the benefits of this technological revolution, the U.S. must have a policy framework that accelerates the development and deployment of the IOT while protecting against its misuse. An appropriate policy framework first requires education. This is a new frontier. Lawmakers need to better understand and envision all the myriad societal benefits that will be made possible by the IoT.

A June, 2015 investigation by Politico reporter Darren Samuelsohn found a dearth of understanding among members of Congress regarding the IoT. With this blog, we’re out to change that. What is the Internet of Things? We’re not just going to tell you — we’re going to show you, through the stories and perspectives of the companies and the innovators that are on the front lines of this revolution. We hope you’ll join us!

The Technology CEO Council - the IT industry's public policy advocacy organization comprising Chief Executive Officers from America's leading IT companies.

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