Purchase Tips: What are the benefits and features of an Android TV?

Television… It is one of those sources of entertainment which is almost loved by everyone. Maybe now in 21st century many entertainment sources might have been discovered such as Internet, games, and many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Instagram and many more, but the presence of television in our world will never change and even no source no matter how much importance it gains, or how famous it becomes it can never ever replace Television as a source of entertainment.

Television has been an all-rounder for everyone, whether kids, youngsters, men women or grandparents or old age citizens, everyone is addicted to television in some or the other way. Now since we are talking about Televisions, let me introduce you the latest invention that has taken place in the world of TV’s and that is this Android TV … Yes, friends, Android Television is the super best innovation that has taken place since past many years. It is such like a Google TV but is far better than it. It has so many apps that Google TV actually lacked in providing. It has become very popular since it is invented is also very easy to operate. It is manually controlled via voice and also it has more apps than a Google TV. It is simply designed to make you more comfortable and give all that facilities in your TV that you enjoy in your smartphones.

However, experiencing the identical things of Phone in a TV does not also mean that you will be able to take calls on your television or you can have an access to your emails. This is not what Android Television is. It is only about easy navigating through the best features of a smartphone in a television which makes super easy for everyone in the family to watch.

Now let me tell you some of the features and benefits -

1. Consumers can easily navigate through Google Play store through Direct User Interface to buy and watch movies, play music and many such things.

2. You can also watch some channels live in this TV. The TV possesses this facility of Live Channels which allow the users to stream from media sources as well.

3. The most important feature or say benefit that Android TV usually offers to its consumers is that it can be connected via Bluetooth.

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Android Smart TV
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