Episode 2 – Key/Command Point LU7

Key/Command Point for Head and Neck

Branching Channel for Lung is Urinary Bladder and Chinese Clock Opposite is also Urinary Bladder – occiput area is treated. Deadman says this as well in Manual of Acupuncture noting the nape of neck.

Branching Channel:

Yang/Fire is a single line -

Yin/Water is a broken line –

Taiyang- <> – Taiyin

Jueyin – <> -Yangming

Shaoyang- <> – Shaoyin


Hand Taiyin treats Foot Taiyang

Great point to tonify the Lung, treat any Lung problem.

Pairs well with:

GB20 (for Wind), LI4 – W-C

KD6 (confluent pair for extraordinary channels Ren LU7 and Yinqiao KD6) – Centreline ailments/centreline & inner leg zone, Lung and Kidney Yin Deficiency

Confluent pairs work together to:

  1. Open up the ‘drainage ditch’ aspect of the extraordinary channels for excess conditions
  2. 2. Aid in augmenting treatment in ‘body zones’

For more study, research Dr. Tan & Dr. Chao Chen acupuncture.