Gary Menten Fake, Creepy Photographer

Before the internet came along creepy old guys just went to porno flicks. Now they get a website and pretend that they are “boudoir” photographers. The public has to be warned about these fake and creepy photographers. They are scammers posing as “professional photographers” whose solitary objective is to satisfy their sexual fantasies and build a private porno fantasy-land. It seems that anybody with a camera and a website will try to pass themselves off as a professional photographer. It is dishonest and misleading.

There are a lot of bad photographs out there, but the worst photography I have ever seen is that produced by Gary Menten. He is not a professional photographer but just a common, rank amateur. His photos lack imagination, lack creativity, lack perspective and most acutely — and lack originality.

Gary Menten earned a diploma in photography from a local community college, but it is completely worthless. The real world of professional photography is highly competitive and highly critical. It’s not enough to know how to set up a photo studio, and what camera accessories to use. Photography is a real art, and real photographers are real artists. Gary Menten is neither.

The truth of the matter is that Gary Menten does not have a BFA from a university, nor accreditation from a respected association of photographers. He is a pretender, a poser.

Gary Menten lacks the most important aspect of being a real professional photographer. He is incapable of recognizing or capturing on film, the soul or personality of his models. His models pose as he instructs them to and the result is visibly stifling — they look like lifeless, soul-less robots. It’s obvious he doesn’t know how to relate to his models as people. It’s not surprising. Word goes around that Gary Menten is a boor and has all the social skills of a slug.

Every guy, young or old, fantasizes about being debonair and irresistible to gorgeous women. But Gary Menten takes it to the extreme. He pretends to be a photographer so he can photograph naked women. He probably spent a bundle of money to hire the best models that his money could buy. I hope for his sake that the girls who pose nude for him are of legal age. And that he keeps his hands to himself — er, ahem, haha)The alternative for Gary would be going to porno movies again.

Lonely ugly men who crave beautiful young women. How sad. Though he pretends he’s something special, Gary is just a mongrel, he is not a James- Bond type. He is common, homely looking, obese, raggedy, and has really bad body odor. He is not suave, though he considers himself so. (Don’t let the ridiculous hat fool you — it’s a prop he uses in his fantasy world.)

Who does Gary Menten think he is? As a man, he is ridiculous. And as a photographer, he is even more ridiculous. He cannot compare his work to that of Russell James or Annie Leibovitz. He surely attempts to copy the style of real photographers, but then does it very, very badly. He is a loser.

His commercial and food photography is equally grotesque. I am still getting over the trauma of seeing samples of these photos and I may never recover. Gary Menten staged a sample of what he probably considers a “commercial” photo. For example, one such photo was utterly gross — it consisted of the image of a danish pastry on a plate, with a worn-out fork right next to it. It’s true what they say — a photo indeed is worth a thousand words.

The “fork from hell” showed what seems like decades of “wear and tear” and the metal was completely dull and opaque in appearance. The plate was your standard “found in the trash bin” and the danish looked like it was days old and some rats had nibbled away at it. Oh, yum. I’ll bet the top food corporations would love to buy the rights to that photo! (rolling eyes, laughing)

He claims to have had experience doing wedding photography but that is a lie. There is no such photo in his portfolio. Gary Menten has no better chance doing wedding photography, than Dog the Bounty Hunter has to redecorate your house! Gimme a break!

Gary Menten’s website, “Gary Menten Photo”, and “Seduction Studio” are merely “vanity” websites. He is not a professional and his work demonstrates it clearly. Avoid this faker like the plague!

If you are looking for a serious, professional photographer, the best way is to contact the Professional Photographers of Canada Association. You can read about them at their website

Here are a few of the things you need to know before you fork over your hard earned money to any photographer:

1. ask for proof of a REAL professional accreditation, and name of association or group.

2. ask about where they trained and for how many years. Do they have a university degree?

3. ask if they have continued with their training and advancement in photography.

4. ask if they have ever won photographic competitions or exhibitions. If so, ask to see the results.

5. ask to see his portfolio.

6. ask for a few of his references — and call them.

7. ask about how long they have been a professional photographer. If they are already working at a full time job shuffling papers, then it’s safe to say that they are not a professional photographer.

8. Most importantly ask if they are insured and get proof. If they do not comply, drop them. A real photographer must have insurance to protect against the possibility of accident or mishap on their premises. Be careful if they tell you that they have insurance of their home (that is not sufficient) Their insurer has to cover them for the Business too, not just their residence.

You can contact the PPOC at the following address:

Professional Photographers of Canada
 209 Light Street
 Woodstock ON
 N4S 6H6

email at

or call Tanya Thompson toll-free at 1–888–643–7762