Other people than Europeans ones colonized; they just did it on a smaller scale than, say, the English did, because of inferior technology (you think warring African tribes wouldn’t have used tanks and jet fighters if they’d had them? Is it Europeans’ fault that sub-Saharan Africans hadn’t even invented the wheel or a writing system by the 19th century?). Japan had an empire, as did China. So did the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans. Shaka Zulu — “the Black Napoleon” — took over most of southern Africa and set up his Zulu empire. The Ottomans had one, and Islam spread by the sword from Mecca all the way up to Tours, France — taking white Christians as slaves all the while (which they did as well with the black peoples of Africa) — until they were defeated by Crusaders who defended their lands.

In addition to colonialism per se is invasion. Israel invaded Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Gaza; Somalia warred against Ethiopia; the Congo was invaded by Uganda; Tanzania invaded Uganda; Africans slaughtered 20,000 Arabs, Indians, and Parsis in Zanzibar; the Hutu genocided the Tutsi in Rwanda; Muslims conquered the Middle East and invaded India, Europe, and Africa, killing and enslaving millions; Vietnam invaded Cambodia; North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam; India invaded East Pakistan; Nigeria invaded Biafra; Libya and Egypt fought; Libya and Chad fought; Eritrea and Ethopia battled each other; China and North Korea invaded South Korea; China invaded Mongolia, Tibet, and Turkestan; Japan invaded Thailand, the people of New Guinea ate their enemies well into the 1970s; the Hawaiian ali’i battled each other; the Iriquois wiped out the Huron; the Crow and Pawnee battled against the Cheyenne and Lakota; the Lakota fought the Chippewa — the list of this sort of thing goes on and on and ON. But only Europeans and European-derived people are called out for it, are told that they’re racially horrible because of wars they initiate — or are blamed for even if they didn’t initiate them, such as the Crusades, which were defensive. Only they are told they’re genetically bad, that they are the original and only sinners of the world. Only European and European-derived peoples are expected to feel some sort of existential shame simply for existing and wanting to preserve their lands and cultures, and are held accountable for having some sort of “privilege” due to their very whiteness — the color of their skin. This is the very essence of racism.

You don’t like Western science? Then get off the internet and stop using Western technology that derived from it — things like smart phones, antibiotics, effective anesthesia, advanced surgical techniques, refrigeration, washers and dryers, air conditioning, central heating, plumbing, flush toilets, guitars, pianos, saxophones, microphones, recording equipment, radios, DVDs, cameras, microwave ovens, the harnessing of electricity, TVs, champagne, acrylic paints, CDs, trains, planes, and automobiles, and on and on and ON. If someone you love ever needs open heart surgery, call a witch doctor (using two cups and a piece of string) and stick to your voodoo or hoodoo or whatever, but don’t call a doctor who knows about antibiotics and anesthesia. Don’t you DARE unless you wake the Hell up and stop hating on whitey. It’s old, man. Really, really OLD.

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