Nitpicking? Have you used words before? You know, to communicate? To grasp meaning? No, of course.
Nathan Wall

I made it perfectly clear in my initial post — the one where I provided details using my eyes and judgement — why I thought this went beyond a standard basketball move and into dirty move territory.

Here, let me regurgitate my own words, since you ‘NITPICKED’ and chose to ignore valid observation to instead whine about an established term you aren’t fond of.

The man TROTS under Kawhi’s feet. The extra two small steps he takes and subsequent extra space he covers AFTER contesting the shot and WHILE Kawhi is in mid-air is the giant red flag that needs to be raised. He has two feet on the ground when the ball is released — and he takes two more steps while its in the air. And it’s not like he was jockeying for a box out. They are a completely unnatural and useless (other than to be dirty) two steps.

Done responding. Say whatever you want. Never going to reply.