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Saddened that Shoemaker didn’t go the wrestling route here. I mean, there are so many power couples in the WWE it could (and should) be an article all to itself. My list:

  1. HHH & Stephanie McMahon — Biggest power players in the biz by a long shot. The 13-Time World Champ and the Billionaire Princess?! Whether its kayfabe on-screen drama — or real-life running the company, these two are front and center. I would legit unironically include them in the article above.
  2. Miz & Maryse — Not the most famous on the list, but just obnoxiously amazing as a couple. Cocky, stylish, materialistic, funny, passionate, B-list movie stars. It’s borderline gross how much these two love each other. Plus, they rock as an on-screen villainous duo.
  3. John Cena & Nikki Bella— Arguably the biggest stars of both their respective divisions in and outside the WWE, but Cena won’t pop the question and something just feels off.
  4. Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella — Adorable couple. Both retired early. Roles reduced, spotlight reduced, power reduced.
  5. Honorable mention: Lana/Rusev & Paige/Del Rio because both couples dented their careers for their relationships.
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