Live Mock Draft 2020

Kenny and Pete host their first live on-air Mock Draft this week after being away from the studio for a few weeks due to COVID-19.

You can catch the full Mock Draft Here:

The Two round simulation featured plenty of jokes and impersonations. Many flamed but a couple like Kenny’s Charles Davis impression were epic. The duo alternated selections.

Touchdowns and Tangents NFL Mock Draft 2020

They also put together their own individual drafts which you can see above.

Check out all their draft coverage on as well as the rest of their sports context, culture and community.

Senior Bowl Week Recap

Make sure you keep up with last week’s episode:

“What’s Worse, the Flight or the Layover?”

Kenny’s Community Conversations:

Kenny and Pete talked to over 25 players during the Senior Bowl week and the day of the game. You can follow the interviews in order here.

  1. Oregon Quarterback Justin Herbert. Senior Bowl MVP
  2. Washington State Quarterback, JUCO product, Anthony Gordon, North team MVP
  3. Utah State Quarterback Jordan Love
  4. UCLA Running Back Joshua Kelly
  5. Florida Running Back Lamical Perine
  6. TCU Running Back Darius Anderson
  7. Florida Atlantic Tight End, John Mackey award Winner, Harrison Bryant
  8. USC…

TDT Ep: 159ish

This week’s Touchdowns and Tangents was super special. Featured guest Josh Mitchell talked about football’s Impact on his life after Nebraska, CFL, and being one of Pete’s HS teammates.

It’s An epic story that not even Pete has discussed before.

Otherwise, Kenny debriefs his first day of credentialed access from the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. They preview that game and the slate of college games happening over the week.

Kenny also wants his flowers for LSU winning a title. Pete wants his for reluctantly rooting against LaMar Jackson.

Touchdowns and Tangents debuts a new game that is kind of like a more appropriate FMK.

Shoutout to WingFerno in the South Bay for the pregame food.

The Touchdowns and Tangents team was in full effect at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Saturday.

Kenny, Pete and Cerv all pulled up for great conversations in the press box and unique perspectives from the sideline and stands via social media.

Pete wrote and article and Kenny did his community conversations bag.

Afterwards, they spoke to Shaun Bradley, Cole Christiansen, Leo Lewis, Omar Bayless, JJ Koski and Levonta Taylor after they game.

Kenny and Pete also asked game MVP Nick Tiano and winning head coach Marvin Lewis two questions each in the press conference. …

Kenny and Pete welcome Nick Hamilton into the house for a special episode featuring tons of tangents about the state of Black Coaches, Music and breaking into journalism.

Turns out he and Kenny went to El Camino College at the same time and didn’t know each other but met some of the people.

There’s a real talk about Vinyl collections, newspapers death and Fraternitys.

One of the biggest highlight’s was Nick’s bar about Black Media’s responsibility. Hamilton is the contact director for NiteFall as well as a regular guest on AM 570 and press boxes all across Los Angeles.

You can find this and more content on

In case you missed it Touchdowns and Tangents founders Pete and Kenny were featured in Voyage L.A. The two published their story starting this podcast from a phone and iphone 5S before it turned into the audio experience it is today.

Here is the full article revised for our blog:

Today we’d like to introduce you to Pete Camarillo and Kenneth Berry.

Please tell us about Touchdowns and Tangents.

Our podcast bridges the gap between casual football fans and NFL nerds. We provide context for news consumers and predict trends that the common fan or athlete can use in their everyday lives.

We’re two independent journalists with chemistry working…

That’s right, this week’s show is brought to you by

Episode Touchdowns:

Pete’s recap from the Rose Bowl tailgate

Kenneth’s breakdown of the Bowl Season

Wild Card predictions like the Pats losing and regular season wrap up

Episode Tangents:

New Game? Not yet

Epic tangent on Lamar Jackson and mobile QBs versus running QBs

Does anyone really ever win with other people’s players?

Behind the Title:

You don’t need a New Year’s Resolution if you’re a winner. New decade, same ish. Make Plays not excuses.

More from the Rundown:


  1. Happy New Year
  2. Coaches

Ron Rivera hired as Redskins head coach. Jack Del Rio is his…

Skywalkin at the End of a Decade

#Letstalkaboutit #PodcastLikeAJournalist #AtTheEndoftheDayThisIstheBottomLine #tdsantangents #ArchivesDontLie

A few notes

  1. Pete called while being stranded in the I.E.

2. Kenny & Cerv closed out the decade. Kenny pretty much lost his voice, fought through the flu & drank 10 packs of Theraflu to get through the broadcast. To close out the decade, would you expect anything else?

3. Pete & Kenny have literally been podcasting & on radio for the better part of this decade. It’s humbling & a blessing.

4. Marcus Peters got the bag. No slandering that man. …

My Droid Got a Droidfriend

10 takes to Debate

  1. LSU Safety Grant Delpit won the Thorpe award for best defensive back over Ohio State cornerback Jeffrey Okudah and Georgia safety J.R. Reed.
  2. The last episode of the year will be Thursday, December 27th at 8:30 p.m. Get ready to reminisce.
  3. Kenny & Pete went to go see the latest Star Wars movie after the show was over. Stay tuned lol
  4. Cerv was sick & missed the show. Was it Popeyes Chicken-related?
  5. Penn State alumnus Corry Lestochi of the Hardcore College Football podcast on Patreon was an honored guest.
  6. Lestochi informed…

Let a Podcast Exert Itself Bro

A few notes

  1. Kenny, Pete & Cerv are back in the studio for the first time in 10 days. Last weekend they were live from the first ever Touchdowns & Tailgate on the USC campus. It was wonderful.
  2. Kenny gloated hardcore about FUcla never being relevant even when USC was crippled by NCAA sanctions. Free Reggie Bush.
  3. This episode title was inspired by the late, great XXXtentacion.
  4. The world is a better place when Alabama football loses the Iron Bowl



LAMAR JACKSON….that's the tweet

Russell Wilson dominates again

Ron Rivera gets fired/Cam…

Tds & Tangents

Tangents + takes for the Culture. #NFL #Podcast by @ozogrande & @petecertified. Always live, always topical. Sports media lie, archives don't. EST. 9-22-16 #LA

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