Live Mock Draft 2020

Kenny and Pete host their first live on-air Mock Draft this week after being away from the studio for a few weeks due to COVID-19.

You can catch the full Mock Draft Here:

The Two round simulation featured plenty of jokes and impersonations. Many flamed but a couple like Kenny’s Charles Davis impression were epic. The duo alternated selections.

Touchdowns and Tangents NFL Mock Draft 2020

They also put together their own individual drafts which you can see above.

Check out all their draft coverage on as well as the rest of their sports context, culture and community.

Senior Bowl Week Recap

Make sure you keep up with last week’s episode:

“What’s Worse, the Flight or the Layover?”

Kenny’s Community Conversations:

Kenny and Pete talked to over 25 players during the Senior Bowl week and the day of the game. You can follow the interviews in order here.

TDT Ep: 159ish

This week’s Touchdowns and Tangents was super special. Featured guest Josh Mitchell talked about football’s Impact on his life after Nebraska, CFL, and being one of Pete’s HS teammates.

It’s An epic story that not even Pete has discussed before.

Otherwise, Kenny debriefs his first day of credentialed access from the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. They preview that game and the slate of college games happening over the week.

Kenny also wants his flowers for LSU winning a title. Pete wants his for reluctantly rooting against LaMar Jackson.

Touchdowns and Tangents debuts a new game that is kind of like a more appropriate FMK.

Shoutout to WingFerno in the South Bay for the pregame food.


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