Lady Gaga Needs To Be Condemned For Her Fascination With Blackface And Racism

Lady Gaga is fascinated with blackface and keeps getting away with it.

It was May 11, 2012, when Lady Gaga decided it would be a good idea to hold a blackface slave party at the Lab.oratory nightclub in Berlin. According to photographer Antonio Fuentes, who was fired for releasing the photos (though he was hired to take them), it was even advertised as a “Gay Slave Auction.”

At the event, Gaga allegedly had a bunch of gay men dress in blackface and wear chains. She chose the winners, who would take pictures with and dance with her. Afterwards, they would “party” with her and the well-known sexual predator photographer, Terry Richardson.

Fuentes claims that Lady Gaga herself arrived in blackface as well, but was told by her people to “wash it off” immediately. Apparently, they didn’t tell her to take the makeup off one year earlier when she did a blackface photoshoot for V Magazine. At the time, she told the magazine that she had always wanted to be black.

Lady Gaga says she always wanted to be black.

However, back at the slave event, Lady Gaga not only pretended she was a slave owner, but she talked with an annoying southern accent. Fuentes claims Gaga joked that the “slaves” would normally do sexual acts with the master, but couldn’t since they were gay.

Gaga is the new Rachel Dolezal.

Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” have defended the singer, claiming the images of her at the party were fake. Anybody who does a Google search about the event and the images can easily see that this event, as well as the pictures taken, were anything but fake. And Lady Gaga’s relationship with the African American Community would only get more disturbing in 2014, when she made a song and video called “Do What You Want With My Body” with R. Kelly. The video clip, which Gaga’s management has been working overtime to delete from the internet, features Kelly putting Gaga to sleep and getting her pregnant.

Lady Gaga ignored the black victims of R. Kelly

Lady Gaga defended R Kelly while calling his victims “liars.” Even after her record company wouldn’t release the video, Gaga continued to sing the praises of R Kelly right before recording an anti-rape anthem, “Til It Happens To You.” Then, she acted like the spokesperson of those who have been sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, black victims of sexual assault certainly didn’t matter to Gaga.

The next year would see Lady Gaga participate in a “spirit cooking” event, where a black man was painted with white paint and “sacrificed.” So far, Gaga has refused to comment about the event.

Lady Gaga participated in a “spirit cooking” lynching that Tony Podesta also attended.

If this had been anyone else, their careers would have ended instantly. However, Lady Gaga has many publicists, journalists, entertainment lawyers, etc. on her payroll in order to hide her racism. But it can’t be hidden any longer. Lady Gaga’s time to be “canceled” has come.