A bold new normal

Lucy Quist passionately recounts her leadership journey through 3 pivotal years that shaped her from youth to her role as CEO of Airtel Ghana. 
From learning lessons of survival in 1983 with her family in Ghana to relocating to the continent in 2008, and in 2010 relocating to the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) Lucy narrates her encounters, which would form leadership lessons and serve as her call for a New Normal for our Continent.

Experiencing the life of the average child in the early eighties informed her journey for education and instilled a lifelong passion for the continent. In 2008 this would be further affirmed when Lucy relocated to commence a leadership role in Ghana. 
Inspiration from fellow Africans on the ability to affect change would be a vital cornerstone of lessons from the continent.

Through all, Lucy learned to lead, thrive and drive with an ardent wish to negate the rhetoric of African Rising and rouse up the self-belief that Africa has all it needs to make our Continent prosper. Her hope is that we focus on creating prosperity for Africa, not to mediocrity debunking predictions such as the GDP of Sub-Saharan Africa rising by 1 percent only in 2021.

With optimism, Lucy exhorts for a new normal that affords every African to move from survival to thriving effortlessly. We are inspired to change our vision, our language, and mind set; challenged to create an inevitable prosperity for Africa will be the new normal.

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