African Success Story: The African Dream in America

What could the Africa of tomorrow look like? What may we need, to achieve the African Dream? In this African Success Story we explore some answers to these questions. Akol Dok, is the reigning Mister Africa International, and a prominent young leader who became the first African student in Iowa State University history, to become the Student Government Leader. Akol is currently in South Sudan, and has partnered with the Nile Foundation to create the first annual South Sudan Youth Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference, taking place August 2017.

Akol Dok

I am an African. I was born in Renk, my home town located in the north-east part of South Sudan. At the age of five my family and I moved to the United States. Adjusting to the United States was difficult, I was harassed because of my skin color and for simply being African.

The African dream is greatness, African greatness. And the African success story is resilience. I am greatness, and I strive for greatness. Striving for greatness lead me to becoming Mister South Sudan then Mister Africa International. Striving for greatness has taught me to be brave and face the impossible.

The African success story is resilience. Resilience kept me going when I was depressed and wanted to quit. Resilience guided me and made me fearless. Resilience taught me to work hard and wait patiently for results. Resilience maintains me daily as I watch African suffer. Resilience kept me inspired, and most importantly resilience kept me alive.

The Africa of tomorrow will be a continent that is resilient and strives for greatness. The Africa of tomorrow will strive for greatness in technological development producing innovation the world has never seen. The Africa of tomorrow will be cutting edge Afro-centric education where the secrets of our ancestors who inhabited the pyramids will be discovered. The Africa of tomorrow will strive for greatness and produce unity, ending generational cycles of violence and hatred. The African of tomorrow will strive for greatness and will no longer ask for, but will be asked for developmental aid. The Africans of tomorrow will strive for greatness and begin to believe in themselves and become proud of their identity. The Africa of tomorrow will dominate the civilisation of tomorrow.

The African tomorrow is tomorrow and we are here today. Violence, starving, inter communal fighting, underdevelopment, and lack of pride loom Africa. To reach the Africa of tomorrow we must become resilient. Resilience will guide Africa as they begin taking small steps towards greatness. Resilience will guide us at times of war, famine, and immense suffering. Africans have been resilient through slavery, colonialism, oppression, subjugation, civil war, hunger, and must continue this. Resilience will provide Africa with strength and bravery to reach the Africa of tomorrow.

The Africa of tomorrow is my African Dream.

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