Good news to all TEE-coin investors and believers! We are now releasing a new ‘Bonus Wallet’ feature so you can earn bonus TEC just by storing your TEC in this wallet.

What is the Bonus Wallet?

The Bonus Wallet is a wallet you can create from the Wallet page to earn bonus TEC by storing your TEC there for a certain period of time. You can transfer the funds from your main TEC wallet to this wallet when creating the Bonus Wallet. The bonus TEC will be credited upfront into the Bonus Wallet at the time of creation. The amount of bonus varies depending on…

ChatTee is bringing you the Coinback feature this new year, a new way to earn TEC just by spending in participating merchants. This is in addition to various other ways already available.

How does it work?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Open the ChatTee app to find out which merchants are participating in the Coinback program from the Pay & Coinback section in Discover Experiences.
  2. Shop, Dine, or Enjoy the Experience at our merchants and mention about the ChatTee Coinback when making payment.
  3. Our merchants will provide a QR code from the merchant app. Go to the Coinback menu on the Wallet page on…

TEE-coin has made another milestone in providing merchants with a leading direct consumer-to-merchant payment solution using TEC wallet. Merchants are now able to accept TEC as a payment method to expand their traditional payment forms. Thanks to TEE-coin’s sonic-fast transaction speed — only 4 seconds, the payment can be made in a smooth and speedy manner. The payment process uses a simple and intuitive interface that can be set up in minutes without any complex integration. …

TEC is now listed on BiKi, giving access to more than 2 million BiKi users an opportunity to trade one of the fastest-growing coins in the market. BiKi has a good reputation being backed by a strong team that has managed to be a reputable exchange within a year.

TEC is currently tradable with USDT, and more trading pairs are to be added in the future.

TEE-coin’s yet another milestone, being listed on BiKi Exchange, is just around the corner. The clock is ticking, and we are waiting as excitedly as you to be finally able to turn TEC into treasure. A watched pot never boils; so we have prepared a special Treasure Hunt Event.

We have secretly embedded QR Codes across our social media. Just use ChatTee app to scan them and earn TEC reward. Hunt them all before the listing starts!

Introducing tremendous news to the TEE-coin community, as well as the ChatTee users.

As TEE-coin continues to expand its reach and add more value to the entire ecosystem, TEE-coin now partners with one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, BiKi. Headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is one of the fastest-growing exchanges in the world with an accumulated 1.5 million registered users, more than 90% of its user base in China, and has a very deep connection with, China’s largest blockchain media with 1.7 million daily active readers.

Together, the first destination for TEE-coin and BiKi in Southeast Asia after the cradle…

In studies conducted across Southeast Asia by Nielsen, a globally recognized data metrics firm, loyalty programs came in as the most important factor for shoppers seeking new pastures.

How important is important, you ask? A whopping 86% to 94% of respondents said that they were more enticed to shop where a loyalty program is part of the deal.

The numbers vary slightly by country, with Vietnam and Thailand leading the pack at 92%–94% of respondents. Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia followed in with all of them registering above the 86% mark. …

Cryptocurrency development is all well and good unless your tokenomics aren’t economically sound. When our team developed TEE-coin (TEC), we started off with the maxim that a cryptocurrency should be indispensable at the corresponding platform’s protocol level.

We’ve seen too many examples, through extensive market research of utility tokens being slapped onto a platform without any real rhyme or reason. So, in contrast, we made TEC an integral part of ChatTee, our rewards exchange and merchant platform. We like to say that if ChatTee is the body of the project, then TEC is its soul.

What exactly Is TEE-coin (TEC), and how can I earn it?

To understand how TEC works…

Cryptocurrency is meant to be spent, not saved. While the volatility of Bitcoin has been the stuff of headlines, many have forgotten that cryptocurrency is an unbeatable medium of exchange.

Using ChatTee, our blockchain-based platform for exchanging, earning, and spending rewards points and crypto, you can recapture the ease of spending crypto with multiple merchants. ChatTee uses TEE-coin as its native digital currency — a currency you can spend from anywhere and at any time with household-name retailers like Agoda.

Spending crypto has never been as fun — or as simple — as it is when you use it on…

For the team behind TEE-Coin, a blockchain-based platform for reward token exchange and shopping, transparency is key.

That’s because ultimately, blockchain is built to deliver transparency to users at every step of a transaction. For that reason, TEE-coin emphasizes crystal-clear transparency measures built into the platform and its client-side communications.

To that end, we’re pleased to present you with a TEE-coin Q&A regarding two of the most frequently asked questions from the community.

Why did you decide to sell only 2.5% of TEE-coin tokens?

Our answer has a few layers and begins with a bit of philosophy, so please bear with us!

In the first place, TEE-coin is not a speculative…


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