Capturing David Kind’s Obsession With Quality

One year ago I wrote a post about how I fell out of love with Warby Parker and became a happy customer of David Kind. The post did well, the team at David Kind even saw it, said “Thanks!” and that was that.

(Or so I thought.)

A shot from the DavidKind feature. Ironsmith Coffee — Encinitas, CA

Then a couple months ago Dave Barton (the founder of David Kind himself) stumbled across a copy of my book at Ironsmith Coffee in Encinitas, CA. He quickly pieced together that the author of the book he was holding was the same guy who had blogged about his company.

He jumped on the serendipity of the moment, reached out, and offered to flip things and feature me on his site. (Viewable here.)

We talked that first meeting for a few hours. Dave and I have ton in common. We both recently became first time dads, we both have been in pursuit of crafting our own brand for years, and we both share an obsession with creating high quality goods.

Deep into the conversation, after I could tell we had reached a mutual level of trust, I had one nagging question. I said:

“Look, I think you’ve created a great brand here, but I’m dying to know- is this just a case of finding a good enough product on AliBaba (or similar), slapping your logo on it, and dumping all your budget into marketing?”

Dave laughed and said he could see how someone might think that. And then he told me what goes on behind the scenes at David Kind, what actually goes into designing and releasing a pair of glasses. I was blown away by his response and told him- “You need to tell this story!” He responded simply

“I know… can you help?”

I agreed without hesitation.

After dropping a line to Tony Erickson (the most talented cinematographer I know) we were off to the races. We arranged a shoot, an interview with Dave, and I set aside a bit of time for editing.

After a single day of shooting we had a over 8 hours of crisp 4K footage and nearly 3 hours of audio to sort through and condense into a meaningful 6–7 minute piece.

Long story short…ish- After a week of editing I felt I had crafted a piece that captured the story Dave told me during that first meeting.

To see the video in all it’s glory you can click here, or watch the embedded piece at the bottom of this page.

I’m tremendously proud of what we created for David Kind. They represent the kind of people I want to support, do business with, and be a customer of. After watching the video I hope you feel the same way.

One unexpected side effect of this entire process is that I loved creating the video from conception to completion far more than I thought I would. So much so in fact that I’m planning on tackling more videos here in the new year under the moniker- TEKSTstudio. If you enjoy the video and could use one of your own please consider checking us out.