TEKSTartist making things.

Let’s Make Things.

Let’s make things 
that encourage us
to be better
to work harder
to accept new points of view
to see the world differently
to find beauty
and joy
and wonder 
in the overlooked
in the misrepresented
in the misunderstood. 
Let’s make things 
that help us realize 
that we are significant
and that we matter
and that we have 
inside ourselves
a story 
that is unique
and special
and is worth sharing.
Let’s make things 
that serve as a reminder 
that we need not ask 
for permission
but also 
that we shouldn’t ever 
be too proud 
to ask for help
when we need it. 

Let’s make things 
that motivate us
to take the high road
the more difficult path
the road less traveled. 

Let’s make things 
that make us comfortable 
with being honest 
with ourselves 
and with others 
about who we really are
about what we really want 
and about what we value. 
Let’s make things 
that help us realize 
that time
our time
is our 
and that it
should be treated as such. 
Let’s make things 
that inspire others
to inspire others.
Let’s make things.