I’m wearing a pair of Warby Parkers that I’ve had for 1.5
Yunfei Liang

The real perks of DK are the personalized stylist, and all around quality of the glasses.

The stylist was helpful in guiding my decision, and understanding what I was looking for. At the time I was looking for glasses I also was swamped with other projects so I was willing to pay a premium for someone to do a bit of the legwork in finding the right pair.

As for quality, I can say now 7 months later that these DK glasses have really held up. The lenses still look brand new, the frames have no scratches, and the hinges are just as springy as day one.

At the same time- keep in mind WP and DK are the only glasses I’ve ever owned. I have friends who have gone an entirely different route using Zenni Optical, or some other budget frames, and seem to be equally as stoked about them.

Hope that helps!