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What the hell is ‘TEKSTbook Vol. 1’?!?

Jason Markow
Apr 24, 2018 · 3 min read

This is the official Article/FAQ for a new hardcover book called TEKSTbook Vol. 1. With any luck it will simultaneously be a helpful and informative look into a thing I made, and convince you to throw handfuls of your hard earned dollars at it.

What is TEKSTbook Vol. 1?

It’s a thing I made. Most would call it a “Coffee Table Book.” Fancier folks (or people who don’t own a coffee table) might just call it an “Art Book.” Both are acceptable answers. It includes the best TEKSTartist designs released over the last 6ish years.

What are “TEKSTartist designs”?

Ah yes, my mistake. I’ll back up and explain this in two parts. First, TEKSTartist is a name I gave myself. I picked it because the domain name was available and for some stupid reason I liked the fact that people had a hard time sorting out how to say it (TEKST sounds the same as the word “text”).

Using this moniker I focused on creating and releasing typography based designs. More specifically, I find quotes I like and I bend/twist/distort all the letters from them to create designs. Usually it’s a visual representation of said quote, but not always.

Why release a book now?

I’ll be honest with you, I made this book for me. Don’t get me wrong, I made it for you too. But I really made it for two very selfish reasons:

The first reason is because my wife and I just had our first kid. His name is Jack. I wanted something for when he’s old enough to think I’m lame to be able to point to and tell him “See?!? Buried somewhere deep in this dadbod is a guy who did some things once.” And on that day he will roll his eyes a little less. Maybe.

Second, well... I was recently diagnosed with a rare and admittedly frightening form of lung disease so I guess it’s a sort of self preservation thing. There’s really no telling how quick things will go south for me (could be next year… could be in the late fall of 2046) but when doctors openly use terms like “ticking time bomb” it makes you a little reflective. More on this sob story can be found on page 95 in the book!



Can we get back to the book now?

I thought you’d never ask.

Where was the book made?

The book (as well as all the artwork within it) was designed in my little studio in Carlsbad, California. The book itself was produced through a Chicago based company who employs a trusted production partner in PRC.

What are the dimensions of the book?

Approx. 8” x 10” x 1.25”

How many pages is the book?

160ish. More if you count the blank pages. Less if you tear some pages out.

Why would I tear pages out?

Prints this size sell for $39 a piece. This book has over 70 of them. In a pickle you could slice one out, roll it up, and pass it off as a gift for that person hosting that thing you’re getting dragged to that you forgot about till the last minute so there isn’t even time to Amazon Prime a real gift.

How many ‘first edition’ copies are there?

500. But nearly half of them already sold in the initial pre-sale or are being shipped on the house to various strategic “influencers” (marketing!) who will hopefully like it enough to say nice things about out loud to other people. So as of this writing about half are still up for grabs.

When is the book available?

Right now.

Is the book signed?

It is. By me! (The artist) It’s also numbered.

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