unlimited IP traffic TELE2-TELEPORT.IO

Do you want unlimited traffic?

For business, telecom operators and private persons. Invest in highest speed internet from Europe to China across Russia.

How it works?

We build high-speed optic channel 12700 km through Russia which will connect Europe and China. It will create extraordinary cheap and unlimited Internet speed for Europe, Russia and China.


Exchange token on on money profit, access to high-speed channel or prepaid SIM card with unlimited internet.


Telecom providers can exchange TELE token on access to cheap high speed channel.


Private persons can exchange TELE token on prepaid SIM-card with high-speed unlimited Internet traffic.


● to improve the quality of service and reduce the price for regional Internet providers, and hence for end users.

● to establish REGION-IX for the inclusion of Moscow operators in the all-Russia market and ensuring the quality of feedback in the regions of Russia.

● to create co-brands together with mobile operators, offering unlimited Internet tariffs at reasonable prices, and to provide them with high-capacity lines.

• Creation of a reliable mobile service integrated with a crypto-purse.

The task is to develop an easy and reliable tele-block service without exposing investors to risks.

Investors are investing their money in well-known ways to reliably earn, and already with the earned funds we are developing a reliable, simple payment system.

For this we create 3 levels of business, each of which insures the commercial risks of the previous one:

  1. the level is something that we have learned to do well over the past 10 years — to build the backbone Internet at the lowest cost and effectively sell it (everything is, and lines, equipment, and applications from customers, a little money of $ 2 million and all will earn and will be from $ 3 million annually, we will be able to build $ 60 million in total contracts already concluded for the purchase of ready-made fibers and collected applications from regional operators for which a 100% payback occurs-any amount received will form the basis of one of the 8 sections of the Europe-Asia highway and bi the plan here is simple — how much it is invested, so much annually and we get the discounted income.

The contracts for the purchase of individual optical fibers in the finished main lines are concluded, the equipment is ordered, the requests from traffic buyers are collected. The license and permissions are received. The first revenue in the amount of $ 300,000 per month will be received after 3 months.

2. the level is a transition to a mass consumer — we exchange the surplus of the main channels for a SIM card pool designed as a virtual cellular operator (the same is ready, and the legislation and the desire of cellular operators to receive free channels and additional subscribers)

3. the level is an experimental risky business for creating online payment services within this virtual cellular operator with the use of crypto purses, linking the operator’s services, payment systems to the block system with confirmation with the crypto SMS on the key recorded in the ROM SIM, all experiments are conducted on the server connected to the cellular switch received from the 2 level and for money received from the first 2 levels, which on the one hand creates incredible prospects for a reliable global settlement system, and on the other hand, ntiruet ROI first 2 levels in the event of failure of the third.

Yours faithfully

Sergey Sorogin

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