`react-native bundle` hangs during “Loading dependency graph...

Takahiko Inayama
Feb 24, 2018 · 3 min read


Reinstalling watchman may helps you.

Never ending “Loading dependency graph...

I recently created a react-native project.

Then I tried to run it on the iOS Simulator, it failed to load js bundle. For more detail, react-native cli won’t generate js bundle.

It won’t make any progress after Loading dependency graph... since react-native start have called.

There is an issue for this problem.

I run react-native bundle command to separate problems.

Yeah. Same thing happens.

Reading react-native cli

Then I decided to read source codes for react-native cli.

At first I searched the definition of the build command. This is written in react-native/local-cli/bundle/buildBundle.js like this.

I stripped some codes. But the whole build is handled by metro module.


Metro is the JavaScript bundler for React Native. Readme says.

And this is the function called from react-native cli. This calls Server class.

And Server instantiate Bundler and then call getDependencyGraph function.

Next, Bundler#getDependencyGraph calls DependencyGraph#load .

And DependencyGraph calls JestHeatMap#build

By the way, whenopts.reporter.update({tupe: 'deps_graph_loaded'}); called, Loading dependency graph... appears at the console.


This is a sub module of jest testing framework.

This library has a detailed comment about creating heat maps.

* The HasteMap is created as follows:
* 1. read data from the cache or create an empty structure.
* 2. crawl the file system.
* * empty cache: crawl the entire file system.
* * cache available:
* * if watchman is available: get file system delta changes.
* * if watchman is unavailable: crawl the entire file system.
* * build metadata objects for every file. This builds the `files` part of
* the `HasteMap`.
* 3. parse and extract metadata from changed files.
* * this is done in parallel over worker processes to improve performance.
* * the worst case is to parse all files.
* * the best case is no file system access and retrieving all data from
* the cache.
* * the average case is a small number of changed files.
* 4. serialize the new `HasteMap` in a cache file.
* Worker processes can directly access the cache through `HasteMap.read()`.


After I read this, I suspected watchman may be the source of the problem. And I tested watchman from command line like this.

$ watchman watch .

It won’t make any response at all.

In usually, this command returns immediately. And outputs like this.

watchman watch .
"version": "4.9.0",
"watcher": "fsevents"

I couldn’t find any clue. But simply I googled “react-native apfs”. (Because I thought that file system changes since High Sierra may be related.)

And found an interesting issue.

Of course I haven’t seen any errors like this. But the suggested workaround for this is to remove watchman and reinstall it.

I simply tried this. Then…

It worked!!

Though couldn’t find detail about the root of this problem, I think it’s enough.

Takahiko Inayama

Written by

Software developer. https://www.behance.net/tetra2000

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