Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, the reason I absolutely Love Barbecue

I grew up in a small town of Socorro, New Mexico. This is the home of many things such as New Mexico Tech a top engineering Firm, most every defense contractor has a office in Socorro. Home of the Bosque Del Apache, a huge Bird and wildlife preserve. The Owl Bar and the Buckhorn two of the Greatest Green Chile Cheeseburgers you can eat today. Oh and my family who had been in the restaurant business since the early 1900's, they have since moved on to much easier lifestyle, and are enjoying their life more and more.

So when I was growing up my Dad had a huge passion for Sports and thus my Brother and sisters and I got play pretty much every sport we could try. My dads true passion was College sports and his Love through thick and thin, Good and Bad was The University of New Mexico Lobos, which is in Albuquerque New Mexico about 75 miles from my home town. My dad would get tickets to Football and Basketball games and we would make the trip often to go watch the games. Usually had two season tickets and we would alternate who got to go with dad to go watch. I being the oldest got to go a little more often than my siblings.

As I got older and was in Middle school my dad took me to a new place a place he thought I would enjoy “QUARTERS BARBEQUE”. I remember the first time we went you look at the outside and it wasn't much and then you walk inside and it was dark and had that old school steak house feel. I wasn't sure what to order and I hadn't ever really had BBQ before so I looked at my dad for help. The waiter came up and he ordered us Two of their Rib Dinners, which had between 8 to 10 Pork Spare Ribs. When that waiter came back and set them in front of us, It Was HEAVEN!!! Ok part because I was a little hefty back then, but more because I have never seen something look so amazing.

The Pork Spare Ribs, are slow smoked and then basted and finished with their House made BBQ Sauce. These ribs had the perfect snap when you bit them and they came clean off the bone. Each bite made me fall deeper and deeper in Love with what would become an incurable obsession with Barbeque. Then when you added their House made Fries and Coleslaw the experience was complete. Since the very first time he took me when he would ask what do you want to eat my answer was always the same lets leave early so we can eat at Quarters before the Game.

So as today we think about our lives and our Fathers who made us do the things we didn't always want to and tried to make sure we knew right from wrong and gave us a foundation to build on to be better men ourselves. We should also take a step back and think about the times they rewarded us and showed us new experiences like getting to go try some of the Best Barbeque Ribs and ignite a passion that could never be put out.

So today on this Fathers day I just want to say Thank You Dad and I Love you and I will never forget those amazing Meals together enjoying BBQ before those Up and Down Lobo Basketball Games.