Jaguar Selling A Lifestyle?

Watch Commercial At The Bottom Before Reading

Do you want guidelines to live a classy life? Do you want a role model? Look no further, Jaguar has you covered.

The Jaguar Commerical is based around a high speed chase. The commercial seems classy and luxurious. For instance, everyone in the commercial is wearing a suit. This grounds the commercial around the premise of class. Of course, you can not forget about the gentlemen in the helicopter, drinking his nice cup of tea, during a high speed chase. Thus, depicting that Jaguars cars are not for ordinary individuals. It’s for people with class, wealth, and for people who are rebellious. Jaguar sells more than just cars, it sells a lifestyle.

The Jaguar commercial uses a need for prominence. For Instance, when they show a private jet in the beginning of the commercial. When I think of a private jet, I think of luxury. In addition. Everyone in the commercial is wearing a black suit. It feels like Jaguar is going over the top with the image of wealth and class. After all, their is a British gentlemen drinking tea in a helicopter. With the private jet, helicopter, and, the tone of their voices. When I was watching this I noticed some of the actors had smooth, calm, monotone voices. As a result, Jaguar is portraying a high class lifestyle.

The commercial portrays Jungians Psychological Method by saying, “We all drive Jaguars”. He says this after stating phrases such as, “We’re more focused, more precise”. “We’re obsess by power” and “Always one step ahead”. If you drive a jaguar, everything I quoted pertains to you. This is stating traits someone would have if they owned a Jaguar. This is not a car for average people. Therefore, It requires a certain life style, a high class life style.

Overall, Jaguar is making a powerful statement. It not just a car, it’s a lifestyle. To own this car, means you have traits Jaguar has mentioned, but more importantly, you have class. Consequently, this could make society materialistic. If your watching a commercial with private jets, helicopter, ect. To an average viewer, this will gradually influence you into turning wants into needs. Thus, is why we are becoming more and more materialistic as a society. Even though it’s just an advertisement for a car. It could influence us in ways we would never expect.

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