As COVID-19 continues its spread across the planet and as our communities contend with rapidly changing realities, we know social justice and left movement-building organizations are making sharp pivots. The unprecedented health and economic crisis before us intensifies the balancing act between taking care of immediate material needs and developing long-term strategies for liberation.

In response to the crisis so far, we’re seeing powerful acts of resilience, solidarity, and coming together. And, just as COVID-19 exposes and exacerbates inequities and injustices in society, it can amplify dynamics of conflict, power imbalance, and misalignment within our organizations.

Zein Nakhoda interviews Matthew Armstead (Training for Change) and Joshua Kahn (The Wildfire Project) about “Radical Faithfulness in Action,” a program at Pendle Hill exploring intersections of grassroots organizing and spiritual practice. The program, built for organizers and spiritual leaders, includes three campus residencies. Last year, Matthew, Lead Facilitator, invited Joshua to co-facilitate one of these retreats. Here, they talk about the program, themes that emerged, and experiential education.

Radical Faithfulness in Action is being offered in 2019 and accepting applications until April 15.

ZN: What questions does Radical Faithfulness in Action seek to tackle, and how is the curriculum…

by Katey Lauer, interviewing Emily Comer

In the last 5 months, teachers across the country have gone on strike for fair pay, healthcare benefits, and much-needed school funding — and in many cases, they’re winning. A movement that began in West Virginia is becoming a national phenomenon, with teachers strikes in Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and North Carolina.

In many cases, these strikes have been led by rank and file teachers, rather than union leadership. Emily Comer a West Virginia teachers strike organizer, is one such rank and file teacher. …

Training for Change

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