The Potato Chip Analogy

Look beyond what you see.
-Rafiki (Philosopher, Baboon)

In a world surrounded by vast space and giant balls of fire, one may wonder , why do bags of chips have so much air within it? Are these two thoughts unrelated? I think not!

There are a countless number of these packets of joy inducing junk, filled with air, that is waiting to be released and eventually diffuse among their atomic peers.

Here’s the theory.

Within each packet lies the secret to the existence of the universe. Just as the potato chips are insignificant within each bag, so are we in this universe. In other words,

Earth, is a giant potato chip.

We will eventually crack and crumble to nonexistence. A seasoned heap of land, waiting to be consumed.

Embrace the harsh truth.

Hug a tree.

Repent for your sins.