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Tom Littrell
Jun 28, 2017 · 3 min read

From June 15–18th, my brother and podcast cohost Kevin and I bobbed along to Bob Dylan, shouted with Josh and Tyler of Twenty One Pilots, catapulted glow sticks at Galantis, and passed vibes with Chance the Rapper.

We took shots and swapped stories with our camp neighbors, cracked laughs with bands backstage, and dropped some serious wad on festival fare. For four days, we lived Firefly 2017.

The Shins

A brief shower cooled off the campgrounds Saturday at 5am, though despite the gloomy forecast, not a drop of rain hit the dusty Woodlands the rest of the weekend.

We followed our own advice by staying hydrated both inside and out, chatted up fellow festival-goers, and explored. It was tiring, but a music fest mantra says you sleep when it’s over. The following Monday, we slept well.

The Weeknd

Firefly is a festival to impress. Each year boasts a lineup that’ll make you howl. The weekend promises fantastical friendship. Logistics are seamless. Performances brand the brain’s memory and elicit a certain happiness only attained when wedged between sweaty, sparkly people cheering along to the same tune.

This year, each performer was chosen by the crowd. The Firefly Fam curated the festival and TOMCAST got the chance to chat with three special artists.

Wilderado hails from the city of angels and claims to exude a rock genre while questioning their true musical style. Crowned with versatility and an enchanting pastel sheen, the four fashionable men offer a melody that sounds familiar yet… different. Check ’em out on TOMCAST the podcast:

Episode 2 features Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern — Sofi Tukker — from New York, who turn the dance floor into a quasi-jungle with exotic techno and entrancing vocals.

Episode 3 gets to the root of ROZES, who you know from The Chainsmokers’ song “Roses”. Elizabeth Mencel talks tattoos, childhood, and social justice.

Oh, there were also PUPPERS.

A big puppy paw applause goes to our TOMCAST sponsor for the weekend, Fakelife Clothing. The team over at Fakelife is doing great things for our planet.

Right from their site: “The simple act of buying a shirt from FakeLife provides an orphan with 20 meals, connecting your story to theirs.”

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