Firefly 2017

TOMCAST Advanced Coverage

3 min readJun 14, 2017


The TOMCAST crew is heading off to Firefly Music Festival again this year to interview upcoming artists, detail festival-goer experiences, and capture the summer zeitgeist.

Two years ago, an old pal Evan and I escaped to The Woodlands to do just the same. This year, I’m taking my brother Kevin.

Evan and Tom 2015

Headliners include The Weeknd, MUSE, Twenty One Pilots, Chance The Rapper, and Bob Dylan. We’re revved for other bangers as well, i.e. Lil Dicky, Glass Animals, Matoma, Flume, and The Shins. View the full lineup here.

Look out for post-festival interviews with Sofi Tukker, ROZES, Wilderado, and others (TBD).

Kev and I are stuffing the Mazda with gear before we head off at 7am tomorrow. We’re packing our Firefly-branded tent. It goes to campers who prefer a priority lot right next to the highway bridge that leads to the festival grounds. It was hot as hell this week but showers will crack throughout Dover this weekend, cutting us a break.

If you’ve attended in the past, you know that this is a festival prone to rainy skies and other surprises — not always a bad thing. And though it may seem unchanged year-to-year, subtleties are constantly being perfected by the Firefly team to boost the event’s efficiency, sustainability, and entertainment value.

The HUB, amid dusty camping lots, houses the Clean Vibes Trading Post. This post provides waste and recycling information throughout the weekend.

Firefly partners with Code Purple to provide leftover camping supplies to the homeless after the masses clear out. “The Fort” bar and patio was constructed using upcycled shipping containers. Hydration stations are abundant. 14 solar light towers and 2 solar generators keep the grounds lit while everyone gets lit. Staff even replants trees at The Woodlands after days of dirt-trampling.

Red Frog Events, the premiere organization agency, leaves no stone unturned when soldering Firefly’s inner circuitry — logistics like butter since day one (unlike the Fyre mishap earlier this year).

Busting woofers since 2012, year six will further propel Firefly into the US festival circuit’s top shelf along with Coachella, Bonaroo, and Lollapalooza.

The east coast crowd returns each season because they know they’re going to have an insane time. They know it. And no one is left out. Firefly fortifies The Woodlands for safety, accessibility, and inclusivity, offering an unfogettable experience to all those who seek it.

We here at TOMCAST want to let you in on a few tips before we hit the road, in case you’re coming along…

  • Bring rainboots, Tims, goulashes, or anything that’ll keep your feet dry. You’ll have quite the troublesome time without ‘em.
  • Drink loads. Not booze — water. Some booze. Mostly water. Bring a CamelBak pouch if you’ve got it.
  • It’ll cost money but a shower is a beautiful thing. Shower before 8am or after 11am to save $5.00 outside of peak hours ($10.00 during peak).
  • Wander. You’ve got a list of who you want to see. Make a point to graze by some fellas you’ve never heard of — you could find your new favorite artist.
  • Talk to people!

Check back with us after the festival for exclusive interviews, photos, and more. See you at The Woodlands!