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A Few Things About Things 3


  • The “Logbook” is a cute-ass tab in the side bar that compiles all of my reminders and other miscellaneous items. While it’s not quite original to integrate such an archive, the word choice is A+. For whatever reason, it feels super personal — more akin to a “Captain’s Log” or little journal than a dusty library “Archive.” Click it for a mental back-pat.
  • The “Someday” shoebox stores all of my lofty (and not so lofty) goals: publish a novel, attend Burning Man, hike El Camino de Santiago, learn such-and-such song on piano, etcetera. I used to have my own labeled “Someday” tab in Wunderlist and Reminders, but Things’ keeps such items under the proverbial bed and out of the way of more pressing matters.
  • Each item with a due date displays the amount of days remaining until it is due. I find this very, very useful. It’s also something I haven’t seen in similar apps.
  • Pause repeats! When I leave for vacation, Things won’t remind me to do my monthly computer backup or buy kitty food. With the tap of a button, I can easily halt recurring reminders.


  • Items are sorted by time of entry — no choice to alphabetize or sort by due date. However! There is an “Upcoming” tab which displays a calendar timeline of items by due date. Unfortunately, this does not apply within individual projects (grouped items) or categories.
  • I can tag items as “Important,” “Financial,” etcetera, but finding these tags to refer to later is rather convoluted. Why don’t tags optionally live in the sidebar?
  • A rather small detail, but a detail nonetheless — If I go to create an item (⌘N) and change my mind, Things leaves a blank space where the transient item was until I manually delete it.


  • There are many hidden elements to discover. It is not obvious that you are able to hide the sidebar, though if you hover over the divider for a hot sec, a slider appears hinting at the ability to drag the sidebar shut. Alternatively, you may dual-finger slide it shut (this is only on the Mac version). Also, a few of the icons are un-intuitive, e.g., the icon to set a reminder looks like a little calendar. I initially assumed that was meant to set a deadline. The deadline icon appears as a flag, which is not meant to flag items (flag and tag are similar actions). A wee bit confusing at first.
  • While Things is astoundingly minimal, certain things are set in stone. Projects, for example, may be moved into “Areas” (categories), yet Areas may not be collapsed in the sidebar. This means, if you have a lot of projects going at once, they’ll all be visible. Maybe it’s encouragement to get them done!
  • This is pretty standard for to-do software, but I cannot add reminders to sublist items.
  • Cultured Code got a little cheeky with the “Import” feature, listing Wunderlist and Todoist as options to import from. I’m guessing they both import in different formats, however, it’s fun to imagine Things feeling upper-crust and syphoning users from its competitors.

Things 3 looks good, feels good, and is completely practical.



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