GLAAD Encourages Hollywood to Provide More Transgender Roles

A recent poll states that almost 90% of Americans know someone who is gay, lesbian or bisexual. Surprisingly, that same poll states that less than 16% of Americans say they know someone who is transgender.

These statistics suggest that 84% of people in the U.S. learn about transgender people through popular media. Given this fact, it is extremely important that transgender stories and characters are written correctly.

GLAAD is encouraging Hollywood to provide more transgender roles, TG Voice Therapy, a female transgender voice therapy specialist, brings you the story:

Alex Schmider and Nick Adams head GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program team. The duo work closely with big television networks, casting directors, production companies and agencies to bring accurate depictions of transgender stories to the big and small screen.

As the world becomes more knowledgeable about transgender people, there seems to be a growing interest in actually casting transgender actors to portray trans roles in TV and film. Although transgender actors shouldn’t be typecast into solely trans roles, they help to bring authenticity and truth to trans stories.

Schmider and Adams have recently begun working with Casting Society of America (CSA) and Breakdown Services to increase the number of trans actors in the entertainment industry. They partner with casting directors to help inform them about how to properly cast trans actors.

GLADD has worked with many big studios and networks over the years to improve the representation of LGBT+ stories and characters. Networks they have partnered with, include NBC, ABC, CBS, FreeForm, MTV, Oxygen, E!, TLC, Sony Pictures and many more.

Actor, Elliot Fletcher

It seems their collaborations have been successful as we see more trans actors being cast in both trans and cisgender roles. Recently Elliot Fletcher has made a big splash on the silver screen, playing a trans character in MTV’s ‘Faking It’ and Aaron Baker in Freeform’s ‘The Fosters.’

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