Concept: Emotion of authorship, authenticity, Identity, Prejudice
David Houston

People are great at adapting to their surroundings and situations. Say for example that you work for a business and one of your higher ups is a personal friend. You’re not going to be able to act the same way you do with them at work the same way you act with them one on one or in a friendly group setting. You have a professional work setting self and a personal self. Each person is the same, it’s just the environment that has changed. Some people out there though don’t know how to separate work and play. This could lead to problems at the work place because they don’t take their friend in a higher position seriously at work. Or if something their friend does at work upsets them, it could carry over to their personal friendship. Would that truly be wrong though? In a professional setting most likely, but isn’t that employee just being their actual selves at all times then?

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