Article published by XPA Barcelona in the XPA & HEALTH COMMUNICATION Journal on 21st September 2020 (Links to English, Spanish and Catalan versions).

Conversations lie at the very heart of every doctor-patient relationship. A lady trying to articulate to her primary care doctor the reason behind her extreme fatigue, a surgeon welcoming a patient into a pre-operation room, a nurse giving the monthly prescription to an elderly man with diabetes or an oncologist listening to the daily struggles of a young family fighting leukemia. These are all intimate interactions surrounded by emotions and complexity. A dynamic, two-way relationship of trust…

Working together to transform organisations and create Care experiences that matter.

Imagine you are a cancer patient suffering a lot of pain, stepping into a hospital that has a bright and warm lobby making you feel welcome. You register at the front desk with a friendly nurse who indicates where you have to go. And now, imagine entering the chemotherapy room of the same hospital and finding a cold and cluttered space where you are supposed to sit for 3 hours, alone, surrounded by equipment while your loved ones have to wait for you outside. You feel forgotten. You feel afraid.

Chemotherapy treatment room in the Cancer Clinic at Raffles Hospital Singapore, a network of private hospitals that were at the time embarking on a major project to build a new high-end facility in downtown Singapore.

With many years of ethnographic research experience in hospitals and…

At the time of writing, the WHO reports that COVID19 has infected more than 1 million people in over 180 countries with over 70,000 deaths confirmed. The numbers are rising. Healthcare systems are on their knees, with medical staff battling to save lives whilst risking their own. And according to CNN, 1 in 4 people on the planet are sheltering-in-place, allowed out only for basic essentials.

We are facing a Care Emergency.

The early signs that our Systems of Care — healthcare, eldercare and social care — were vulnerable and fragile had been there; the fissures and cracks were forming…

It’s time to bring Care back into our Society.

Care is made up of compassionate actions.

A mother waking up at night, fighting sleep to warm up milk for a crying child. A man helping an old couple with their shopping bags. A teacher writing a congratulation letter to a student who has tried their best. A doctor giving his personal number to a patient’s distraught family. A local councillor joining the neighbours working to clean up their streets after a flood.

These are all everyday acts of kindness. We provide them without even being aware of it.

But when we deliver Care, we do so as we manufacture…

The Care Lab

A network of activists initiating a movement to transform Care, driving change through human-centered design practices in the health, social & education domains

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