Racism In The Work Space

Throughout my 20+ years of living in this wonderful land we call the “land of the free, home of the brave, and land of equal opportunity” I have at an early age seen the blatant lies of white fuckery. One of these myths I’ve been told revolves around the “illusion” of equal treatment. Not only do these white establishments deny equal pay, but also equal hospitality.

I just recently started working in one of these non-melinated environments, and if not before, just as the great Jimmy Cliff says, “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone”. Besides having to deal with malicious stares I get as I sport my Black Lives Matter and I Love My Blackness And Yours shirts, what bothers me is the complete ignorance that is whiteness.

I normally don’t care (and, I still don’t) about members of the saltine collective trying to avoid me and my assistance knowing I’m the only person able to help, but I find it funny that they are willing to struggle and figure out things without my help. I would ask if they need help and get a mean glare and a harsh “No thank you” and quite frankly, I don’t care about helping your white ass anyways. I actually feel filled with an abundance of joy watching white people struggle for once in their over privileged lives.

Besides that, I have to witness and experience white coworkers and customers acting, and treating me and other POC customers and coworkers as if we are mentally disabled or as if we are on the edge of murdering them, and every living thing within a 40 mile radius. I guess that’s what they assume we mean when we say that black people are magic. Other than that, I constantly walk around with white people watching me as if they’re deciding if they want to auction for me in a bingo game in some white brain surgeon’s backyard. Knowing how petty I am, I will stare back with the strongest eye contact you could imagine.

Speaking of being petty and ignorant, I witness constant uses of racial slurs. The worst racial slurs you could imagine coming from those thin battle scars they call “lips”, and as the pro-black, conscious, anti-white-fuck-shit, person I am, I politely hurt their feelings with the fury of my ancestors and the grace of Beyoncé. Only to get a “You people say it so why can’t I” or, “It’s just a word, freedom of speech”.

Probably the funniest one is, “Oh can you get over slavery,” only because it’s ironic that we have to get over slavery and racism as if they don’t cling onto the confederate flag, KKK, etc. as if they were their only life force.

Not to mention, I work as the cashier, janitor, and loss prevention associate for only $8 an hour roughly $2 less than my coworkers who do 50% less than what I do. Further proving that as POC we have to go above and beyond for everything only to not even receive as much as our white predecessors. Watch whiteness work.

I mean, “land of equal treatment and opportunity” is in this great nation’s slogan.

Oh say can you see all of this nation’s lies now? Some people seem to not be able to see these lies, (Don Lemon). These black coons don’t seem to be capable of reading between the racist, oppressive lines of our society’s storybook, (Stacy Dash) and being content with it. White washing themselves, and straightening their hair that as Whoopi Goldberg said, “is just hair.” The hair that they love to try to stick their tuna smelling dusty, musty, crusty fingers in whenever they get the chance. Leaving all kinds of debri, not knowing how hard it is to take care of this hair.

Just the day before I wrote this very sentence you are reading now, I got into trouble because my voice was “not inviting”, only to find out, that the issue was that I just don’t speak white enough for them, and I won’t. I will NOT talk “like a white person” to please whiteness. I speak clearly and that’s all you get.

I need whiteness to understand, that the facade has expired, just like that youthful skin does at 13. You cannot escape confrontation by crying, or pointing the blame, or any other tactic you have up your sleeve, because we’ve caught on. We will not be content with what you give us. We want equal pay, equal treatment, equal opportunity, and any other rights this country lies and says we have. Until then, we will continue to kneel during the national anthem, and shit talk this “grand and wonderful” country.