“Homeless or Hungry in America” 2016–2017 - an actual plan to help!


You don’t need to be a Pastor, Minister, have any licensing, a Degree or need anyone’s approval or permission! This is “Mission Work” — Share This — Discuss This — Do This and you will have helped!

Here’s something that you may not have been aware of. Thousands upon thousands of people, some of which you know and speak to regularly, who “are working and have jobs”, still can’t afford a place to live or put food on the table, and many actually live in shelters!

Statistics show that anywhere from 47 Million to 50 Million Americans live in poverty daily. Just as frightening is the point that without Social Security more than half of Americans age 65 and older would be in poverty. It’s good to know about problems and issues. Hunger and Homelessness are Big problems and issues, but it’s better to have a solution and a plan to do something about it.

In March of 2016 God gave me a simple affordable plan that will work in any neighborhood, county, city, or state, and has now told me to release it to the public. I call the plan “First Come First Served” a community outreach ministry but no matter the name, you can work the plan. It’s easy to understand and to do. Here we go!

***HOW TO***

Whether it’s done by you, a team of friends, or associates you assemble, your family or your local church, start by choosing people who are motivated to help others, who have some kind of natural leadership or management skills, who are good with people, and who would love to do a little running around on the weekend to lay the ground work, and to meet with each other and what I call “Dining Partners. (Explained in the next paragraph)

Practice some”In House” training, and role playing before actually going out to talk with “Dining partners”, this is geared to give you the skills and tools necessary, to approach, discuss/ explain, and present the “First come first served” concept to potential “Dining Partners”. A Dining Partner, is an existing legally licensed food establishment, vendor, or operator, who is already in the practice of feeding the public, and is willing to partner with you, give away their left over food, (not garbage) and will either allow those who are hungry, to come in and sit down to eat in a designated area of their establishment after closing, or have a carryout/ doggie bag type of experience.

Many restaurants throw away, or waste good food daily! Our commission and responsibility, is to minimize food waste, and direct it to those who need it. This can only be done with compassion, seeing that it is a very delicate situation. We should “never” approach an assigned area, or person with the wrong attitude, believing that we know “all” of the details and circumstances of those in that community. No matter how it “looks”, we really don’t know the background of any given situation, we are just there to help, not to take over, or cause stress by putting more pressure on our neighbors than they already have.

Looks are deceiving, and can cause “self” to judge things that you know little about. Keep your opinions to yourself! don’t even “contaminate” your team members with speculation. You are there to serve in the capacity for which this program was formed, and that only! Many are working “full time jobs”, have retirement income, or are in a two income relationship, and are still either homeless, or hungry. It would do us good to remember that this could easily be one of us, the next week!

Food establishments will be overjoyed to help if someone would just ask and show them a plan on how this will work. They would be excited to become a “Participating Partner”, of the “First come first served” outreach missions program, and should be not only proud to be a part of it, but should be made to feel welcomed into your growing family of other “Dining Partners”.

You will need to use social media, flyers, posters and word of mouth to let people know where to go for food and establish an in house/ at location person to help things flow smoothly at first. The initial connection of trust, and the relationship building process is very important to ongoing success!

Don’t worry the Dining Partners already know the legal, health, and food regulations to follow, and if not they can easily find out. You don’t need a crowd of people with your team leader to enter an establishment and engage management or ownership for an initial set up, I suggest that you go two by two, but no more than three at a time.

For a more professional approach and operation, assemble your ministry group, headed by a Chaplin/ or Director of operations; function as a unified team of volunteers, taught and or experienced in counseling and public relations, guided through “orientation”, and then deployed by two’s into targeted areas of need for the purposes of connecting available food and nourishment, with those experiencing lack, to the closest available quality prepared food source in their area.

Never to be operated as a “rogue” ( single minded self motivated ) project, “First Come First Served” is a “National Level” ministry, meaning it’s “Viral Affiliate” nature, allows it to start as a “grass roots” movement, in any community in any neighborhood, and with cooperation, basic training, and word of mouth, from the community business owners, your team and other community leaders, along with the media, it will spread through out that targeted community, county, city and then state.

The need is great! many are invisibly starving, right in plain sight. There are economic, health, educational, and relational issues, too many to name, any one of which has caused much of the general public to go hungry daily. God has blessed us as a nation, and we have great resources, but we are also a people of pride, so when we are in need, often we go without because we feel that there is shame in asking for help, or we don’t know where to look.

This division of your mission team, group or ministry, ( First come first served ) provides directional assistance in helping the hungry, to locate, and receive “food”, we do not directly assist with “Employment”, “Clothes”, “Housing”, “Health Care”, “Death Care”, or other community issues, there are other ministry departments designed for these areas of need.

Your training should instruct workers to refer those inquiries to the appropriate ministry departments and organizations who are ready to handle such traffic. We do not volunteer any of the a fore mentioned help or resources to any individuals, because it may hinder the research and decision making power of that ministry branch, from making an “informed recommendation”. Let us not be destructive to the vision and purpose of this mission.

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