Liechtenstein Think-Tank pushes system change: competes with the WEF

Vaduz, 21 January 2020

On Monday, the think and action tank united more than 100 international people in the Alpine Rhine Valley in the second edition of the conference series “DAVUZ”. This year’s meeting, called “World Systemic Forum”, set an example of genuine new and re-thinking; in contrast to the Davos format.

The World Systemic Forum took place INSIDE a mountain in the Swiss alps — photo by Marty|Trezzini

The vision of the two founders is a clear one: A community of values as a global place for real systemic change. Together with foundations, private individuals and rethinkers, they developed the “DAVUZ” format into the World…

The virtual Republic of Responsible Optimists home in Davuz

THE is activating and connecting a diverse community of Responsible Optimists since 2016. On 18th September, we launched our “social citizenship” establishing a virtual “REPUBLIC OF RESPONSIBLE OPTIMISTS” to engage like-minded human beings on a unique and deep societal level. Within the pop-up event called “Systems Change Lab” THE’s founders Rudolf Hilti and Christopher Peterka discussed the potential of a new form of identity and citizenship with a diverse round of people, amongst them, Christian Lindner, leader of the German Liberal Party (FDP) and renowned thought leader on the…

When values get more important than heritage

(Foto: Calvin Ma, Unsplash)

Article by Rudi Hilti, published in CE2 publisher garnish for NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

Identification through common values as a chance for system change

Our economy and society are forced to revise and transform their ways of thinking due to globalization, the conventional overuse of natural resources, and demographic developments. New innovative economic models are emerging, such as the circular economy. Together with the possibilities in the “digital modern era” a new kind of connectedness and transparency arises as well as a chance for holistically sustainable developments — independent of geographic origin.

What makes our time particularly exciting is that…

Liechtenstein based think-tank works on “System Change” with 70 international guests

Vaduz, 22. January 2019

The Transformation Think-Tank THE has successfully launched a yearly series of gatherings called “DAVUZ” in the capital village of the micro-state Liechtenstein this Monday (21/01/2019). Engaging with the momentum of the World Economic Forum that is taking place just one hour from Vaduz, they brought together more than 70 thought-leaders from four continents to actively inspire to “think without a box” and take responsibility for a system change. …

by Regina — On 1 September we invited friends and accomplices from across the world to celebrate our second birthday with us and gain insights on various topics.

We welcomed highly competent personalities from our broad network, including our special guest “Frieda” (6 months) as the common denominator for our obligation to future generations of human beings. We gathered around fifty people on what you could call a construction site in a multi-purpose centre next door to THE Placed on beer benches and sofas our participants could listen to three speakers and could attend a workshop about designing communities…

Recap by Regina E. Fasel

The Transformers’ Day in moving pictures — see for yourself!

Our think-tank members, aka Transformers, gathered in rainy Vaduz on31 August for the annual Transformers’ Day. We escaped to a remote house on “Sevelerberg”, on the opposite side of the valley across the river that parts Liechtenstein and Switzerland. We consciously stepped “out of the box” for a day of connecting with our dear members who came from more than six countries.

The 500 year old “Hostet” in Sevelen

The venue was a 500 year old house that has been carefully renovated by a passionate local from Vaduz for the past five…

Media Release — 2. September 2018

For the last two years, the Liechtenstein-based Think- and Action-Tank THE intensively engages with the consequences of the transition to the Digital Modern Era, which marks a turning point for humanity. On 1st September, the collective held THE 2018 in Vaduz to inspire conversations through speeches and a workshop. The event formed around the matter of sustainability and potential in the Digital Modern. With speakers like Iranian innovator Reza Ghiabi and Marc Buckley, the Germany-based climate and sustainability expert, the gathering was internationally listed.

Christopher Peterka

An ever returning motivation in the speeches was…

January 2018 — CPP / RF

Whilst in Germany they eagerly discuss the credibility of “organic”-labelled cucumbers, because they are piled up in their individual plastic wrapping, the world order we’ve learned to live with in the last 50 years is crumbling away.

Human phenomenons like globalisation and digitisation are leaving their distinctive marks on our everyday lives. For instance, some very few of those, who sew our t-shirts and shoes, for a daily wage that equals the tip left after a round of coffees at a restaurant in Europe, are heading our way — to what they hope is…

Vaduz, Liechtenstein
23./24. November 2017

On 23 and 24 November 2017, we hosted a Hackathon at THE’s headquarters in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. We had the honour of featuring Lykke Corp. and Blockchain Büro Liechtenstein as event partners, as well as a delegation of Holochain for expertise.

Reflecting on the central paradigm shifts within the transition from the Gutenberg to the Digital Modern era, THE’s co-founder and CEO Christopher Peterka came up with the thesis that “the world becomes liquid” as early on as 2011. He not only pointed to the demise of privacy in terms of liquifiying formerly enclosed…

for Diplomatic World

Julia Prettl — 29 years old, CEO to THE COMBINATOR Inc. and Member of the board to the Prettl family foundation, head of the Prettl ImmoOffice, lawyer and responsible optimist — shares some thoughts with us during a ride on an electric car through the Principality of Liechtenstein. THE´s CEO and co-founder, Christopher P. Peterka, interviewed the young leader for Diplomatic World.

Christopher: Julia, it’s great to have you here in Liechtenstein. How are you today?

Julia: I’m quite nervous. I don’t like to do pictures and interviews at all. …


THE is a think tank to explore the transformation of the old economy into the Digital Modern era.

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