We launched a digital Republic

The virtual Republic of Responsible Optimists home in Davuz

THE HUS.institute is activating and connecting a diverse community of Responsible Optimists since 2016. On 18th September, we launched our “social citizenship” establishing a virtual “REPUBLIC OF RESPONSIBLE OPTIMISTS” to engage like-minded human beings on a unique and deep societal level. Within the pop-up event called “Systems Change Lab” THE HUS.institute’s founders Rudolf Hilti and Christopher Peterka discussed the potential of a new form of identity and citizenship with a diverse round of people, amongst them, Christian Lindner, leader of the German Liberal Party (FDP) and renowned thought leader on the Digital Modern era. And recently: Part of the first generation of citizens of the Republic of Responsible Optimists (RORO).

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Zurich, 18. September 2019

Traditional governance structures are challenged by cross-border phenomena such as the climate crisis or data-driven organisations, that per their very nature, exceed national, legal control. With pioneer countries like Estonia, nationality and citizenship are rethought on a fundamental level. With our event “Systems Change Lab” on social citizenship we explored possible overlays and cooperative models at the intersection of emerging global citizenships and traditional national governance structures on behalf of The System Change Foundation.

“Global values ask for global identities despite all cultural differences. We are all humans and share the same planet. We want to seek and discuss these values independently and free of political and economical interests. With this we hope to strengthen the convergence rather than the separation of humane interests in living up to the challenges of the Anthropocene”, states our co-founder and prognostic futurist Christopher Peterka.

Rudi Hilti, our Co-Founder, draws a positive balance after the launch of the “social citizenship”.

“We want to inspire people to sign on for an active part in our collective challenge to re-define what it means to be human in an internet of beings”.

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Sixty first-generation identities have been distributed. Citizens of the Republic of Responsible Optimists of generation one are going to live CO2 neutral to eventually step it up from there to specific training aimed at increased personal future resilience and even the creation of a circular economy habitat.

The theses underlying the event and the whole project are the following:

We need a re-moralization of globalisation
- because it has too many losers.

We need a re-moralization of technologisation
- because it otherwise destroys humaneness.

We need progressive governance of planetary resources
- because we otherwise deprive ourselves of our livelihood.

Do you agree?


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Also at the roundtable along Rudi, Christopher and Christian: Kerstin Aretin (BMW Foundation), Marcel Widrig (Freemont), Yannick Miller (Symposium HSG), Anna Schrimpf (J-PAL), Norina Frey (Furrerhugi)

THE HUS.institute is a think tank to explore the transformation of the old economy into the Digital Modern era. http://thehus.institute

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