Mayor Talk in Ashland

The City of Ashland held a public forum for the candidates running for Mayor on RVTV. Personal introductions handed out by the moderators were followed by a series of questions. Each candidate responded to all of the questions but clearly showed different focuses. Two-of-the three candidates truly showed outlined stances on local issues, while one candidate seemed to have a different agenda.

John Stromberg has been a public official for the last 12 years, 8 of those as Ashland’s Mayor. He says that he brings experience and the proper relationships to continue moving Ashland in the right direction. John Stromberg focused on quality-of-life, emergency preparedness, and the ability to attract locally owned small business.

Carol Voisin was another participant in the legislative forum. Currently teaches ethics, critical thinking, and writing at Southern Oregon University. 2008 marked her first year with the City Council of Ashland. If elected as Mayor she seeks change in affordable housing, carbon reduction, and implementing electric shuttles.

“Biome” Michael Erickson was the last candidate to participate in the forum. This his third consecutive campaign and this time around shared “I want to stop war in the world.” Information regarding Biome Erickson’s background was difficult to recover. His responses to questions always reverted back to Federal corruption and war culture around the world.

Questions were structured to address a particular subject area regarding topics within the city. Yet all of the candidates showed no matter the question their opinions on other subjects were imperative. Stromberg and Voisin did answer the first question of “What are some strengths of Ashalnd?” Mayor Stromberg praised residents for innovation brought to the city. Carol Voisin stated that Ashland’s biggest strengths are the people. Erickson ignored the question completely.

Biome Michael Erickson started his response by pointing out that the questions are weak and the same every year. Then quickly countering with a statement about how the world is burning. The only mention of Ashland was how a reporter was not allowed to run a story on him due to his political views. His demeanor and body language projected a sense of discuss for the forums entirety.

Carol Voisin wants to develop electric shuttles that would run throughout the city. She hopes to reduce traffic congestion in addition to minimizing Ashland’s carbon footprint. This could help SOU students in transportation to and from campus. This shuttle could be designed to aid off campus students and the general public. Voisin says, “This can also help with parking in the down town area.”