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I profess to be happy about the Brexit vote and the Trump win. I’m happy because, as I see it, they show a move away from the corporate controlled political establishment (sickness, poverty, war and pollution being the net result of this system). It tells me that democracy still exists to some degree, however, if it wasn’t under threat before the extreme reactions to these results means that democracy might soon be dead. But most of all it forces all of us to start thinking about the road we have thus followed and consider if there may be a better way of doing things, or at least I hope it has, I hope some new thinkers are out there thinking about how it has all gone horribly wrong and how to make it right.

Does my perspective make me a member of the alt-right?

This is a question that required some reading to try and grasp what the alt-right is and it has helped me to understand why those afraid of it use statements like, racist, misogynist, bigot etc.

However, in order to understand the alt-right in the simplistic terms that I’m going to give it, one has to understand from where it has sprung also in simplistic terms.

Progressive liberalism has been the pervasive force in social dynamics for 30–40 years, likely sprung for the hippy movement of love for all. The primary aspect of progressive liberalism has been political correctness of the apologetic western culture. I say apologetic western culture because whilst it purports to support the voice of minority groups with in the western sphere; their expression and right to their culture (be it gay rights, religious rights, black rights, feminist rights etc) it also blatantly ignores the rights and freedoms of expression of western culture itself (the flying of St Georges flag etc), indeed, any expression of appreciation of western culture is often deemed politically incorrect.

So from this progressive liberalism has seen the rise of an alt-right movement largely identified as being educated young white male who are internet savvy agitators (through trolling and political incorrectness). Ironically, whilst they see progressive liberalism as enabling a victim mentality which they are against, they have themselves enlisted a victim mentality that they are identifying to. What has happened as they see it has been a marginalisation of the white male in the social narrative.

They gravitate to anonymous internet forums like 4chan or 8chan so that they can express their frustrations by being politically incorrect, troll and bully as they see fit. The Anonymous group was born from this environment and was the first time that they realised they might have some influence in making positive change in the world. For the first time they had a voice and could use it, albeit anonymously. This was not an exclusively male arena, there are women who are a part of the group as well even though the focus has been male forms of expression.

Naturally, when a group of people come together around a loose collection of vague ideas, it becomes more public and so the advent of alt right media who understood clicks = money and joined the capitalist game into which, since Trump’s win, the previously labelled alternative media has now become part of the definition of the alt-right movement which I don’t believe is correct. Nor do I believe that the far right extremists fall into the alt-right either because, whilst the alt-right relish political incorrectness and pressing people’s buttons, they would not consider themselves as following any political ideology other than to put a mirror up to people’s hypocrisy and sensibilities as a way of releasing their own frustrations. Right or wrong, it is their way of coping in a world where political correctness makes it virtually impossible to appreciate themselves in everyday life.

What Trump has done effectively, is to take the views and opinions of the fringe and given it a public voice and subsequently allowed everyone who supports him as being labelled as alt-right by the media which they neatly categorise as consisting of white racist, misogynist men when in truth, they are none of these things, they are anonymous neither seeking or expecting political power or any political cohesion just a forum for their poison so they can be nice in the real world- the alt-right, if it does exist beyond that, belongs to a disparate collection of ideas trying to find an identity amid an already over crowded market of ideologies and labels.

So this then comes back to me. Am I alt-right. No. Definitely not. Yes, I am anti-globalism because I think the establishment has become compromised by the neo-liberal ideology where all decisions are based on their profit value regardless of moral implications and progressive liberalism has been used to control the narrative to the masses in order to control the masses whilst these decisions are being made.

Politically we have been swinging to the left of centre of a number of years, and now politically we are swinging to the right of centre as always happens in a democracy. The liberals may scream fascism at the signs of this loss of political ground but it really doesn’t stand up to scrutiny because the vast majority of the people swinging to the right are looking to reclaim a cultural identity that conservatism gives and has been eroded these past years by progressive liberalism that has become to resemble a form of authoritarianism.

They are not agitators, they are not racist, they are not sexist or against gay rights and marriage or any group of people. They are not, and have not, been demonstrating in the streets to be heard or beating people up who don’t agree with them. The only people doing that on any scale are the Liberals who, as a part of their hypocrisy, think that everyone should agree with them, and if they don’t they need to isolated and shut down. Liberalism becomes what it hates the most, an extremist movement that can no longer tolerate other ideas, refuses dialogue, and seeks to control the social narrative of the masses through any means possible.

We live in interesting times. Many people worry that we are seeing the rise of fascism much the way it rose in Europe in the last century and maybe that is happening and we don’t see its face yet. If it is then liberals have to take responsibility for it. Hitler got his power through the oppressiveness of post WW1 policies towards Germany. We now have a movement in response to oppressive liberal policies and if the response of liberals is to use what corporate money and power they have to oppress people further, we may yet get Hitler 2.0.

Originally published at on November 19, 2016.

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