Admit It. The Clinton Email Controversy Bothers You, Yet You Don’t Actually Know What the Clinton…
Ken Crossland

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!!!

  1. She used it because SHE WAS SECSTATE and didn’t ask permission, and no one would tell her no. She was briefed on how to do it, but she chose to ignore the rules and pressed on, with the support of all her enablers, and no one with balls big enough to challenge her!! Had I, working in DoD, done anything even remotely close to this crap, I’d have been in the dungeon from day one of the FBI looking at me! One classified email on my personal email account and I’d have had my office and my house raided, and I’d NEVER be heard from again!!
  2. Efficiency and speed — WTFO? When we tlak about CLASSIFIED, there’s no such thing as “efficiency and speed.” It’s SECURITY, for crying out loud!! And the govt has separate systems for classified info, SPECIALLY TOP SECRET/SCI, and they don’t sit on anybody’s desk. They’re in the SCIFs, behind 2 or 3 locked, coded, guarded doors that regular folks don’t get behind. And when the SECSTATE goes in to review the info, she sees it and doesn’t print it out and take it back to her office. Maybe/MAYBE one of her aides carries the info in a binder from the SCIF to her office for her review and straight back to the SCIF. EVEN THE PREZ DOES IT THIS WAY!!!!

There is NO/no relativity with classified info. A small percentage of emails is immaterial. If people get killed because the SECSTATE revealed crap on her unclass system, that’s TREASON!!! No “intent” required!!

There is no other way to say it: BULLSHIT, DOGSHIT, HORSESHIT!! It is WAY WORSE than blowjobs in the Oval Office!!!!!!!!!!!