I have been photographing for over 10 years now.
In 2013 I made my first timelapse:

It was a fun project. But non-moving images is only interesting for so long. (The moving sequences in the video is just cropped in post).
And to get moving images, you have to have a…

Like that header image? I created it myself 🙂

This is my new blog, and I have no idea how to start it. So it will just start like this.

I plan to use this blog as a personal log (Why isn’t it called plog instead of a blog?) for…

This will (hopefully) be my journal on my journey to learn Machine learning and AI. I will try to update this on the way. I’m not sure with what — but it will be a journal of some kind.

I have no idea where to start except that I need…

(just some random ramblings, with a treat)

So, here I am. Just sitting in front of my computer. Writing on Medium. Which I have never done. I’ve never done it because I’m not a writer, or rather, I’m don’t really have something interesting to write about.

Reading all the posts here on Medium, I see that the…

Tor Ivan Boine

Making | creating | coding | printing | photographing | learning.

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