Updated Tidex loyalty program

Jul 11 · 2 min read
Tidex token (TDX) is Waves based token which will provide a basis for Tidex loyalty program

Dear Tidex users,

We are delighted to announce updated loyalty program which will be based on Tidex token. Updated program will be started in 15th of July at 18:00 UTC.

Tidex token (TDX) is Waves based token which will provide a basis for Tidex discount and loyalty program.

Rewards in tokens

The reward will be given in TDX tokens to our users for active trading on the exchange.

Trade more, get more rewards. Beginning from the trading volume of 1 BTC, you will get TDX tokens as a reward. Each 1 BTC of the tradable volume will give around 10 TDX tokens as a reward.***

Discount for trading fee

All TDX token holders will get commission discount of up to 90%

Details are in the table below:

Thus, if you are an active trader, you will have the opportunity to significantly reduce your trading commission.

Burning of TDX

Every week we will buy TDX tokens from the market and burn them in amount depending on the trading volume (20% from fees) on the Tidex exchange until we destroy 50% of all the TDX tokens.

Total supply is 100,000,000 Tidex tokens.

Thus, we will destroy 50 mln tokens, remaining 50mln in circulation.

In future

Tidex’s goal is to build a secure, user-friendly exchange that meets all the compliance requirements all over the world. Currently one of the top 100 exchanges, it is Tidex’s goal to become a Top-10 exchange globally. This process will involve a series of upgrades and implementing the best practices of modern trading platforms. New tools will be included to attract new traders.

Also TDX utility features will be added and enhanced by

  • exchange fees
  • listing fees
  • withdrawal fees
  • other

Tidex is undergoing a process of continual improvement and development, and we hope the community will join us in making it one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges for global traders.

To find out more or to sign up for an account, visit https://tidex.com

*** The amount of your reward will depend not only from your trading volume, but from TDX currency rate at the moment of calculation. You will get your reward according to our loyalty program every day at 12:00 am UTC.

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