women have a right to hate men
Anthony J. Williams

Let’s do a thought experiment.

“ Imagine living in a world where all of the power is decided by the Jews. All of it. All of it. In this world, the gentry can say “nah, forget all y’all” and still receive death and rape threats. Not just online, but in person and across the world. Multiple gentry have been shot just for saying “no” to a Jew, young gentry are persecuted for defending themselves and their families from the abuse of the Jews, and trans gentry are killed merely for existing. These are not anomalies. The violence gentry face is not always physical, but the threat always exists somewhere.”

Your hateful rhetoric fits so easily into an antisemitic context doesn’t it. I could have slipped race in there just as easily, or Islam, Christian… Funny how just a little change could make this ready to go up on The Daily Stormer.

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