HWRK: In Class Writing 10/31

Who? A Local High School Teacher Will Henderson

What? Got lost while hiking

When? For four days last week

Where? In the Great Smokey Mountains National Park on the Appalachian Trail

Why? He went off trail


A local high school teacher was found Monday October 31 after he got lost for four days while hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park on the Appalachian Tail.

Gary Henderson never would have thought he would of been in the circumstances he was in for the past four days. Henderson, an experienced hiker, is also a member of the National Hiking Association.

His day took a turn for the worst as he went off trail and as he was crossing a stream he fell and broke his leg causing him to be stranded. When Henderson broke his leg he had to think of something to prop himself up.

He used sturdy sticks and string to make a homemade cast for himself. He then had to push his 40 pound backpack along the trail as he was crawling trying to find a way to get back to a populated trail.

As he was crawling, he found the populated trail and was found by two nearby hikers. Henderson than was hospitalized for about a week recovering from the events that took place.

“I never doubted that I would be found. I got discouraged sometimes, but I figured that I had plenty of food and I thought if I could get back to a trail, particularly the main Appalachian trail because it’s so busy someone would come along before long” Henderson said.

Henderson is now back at home recovering after being found. He was also very happy when he was found although he was in rough shape with little to no hope.

“I’ll tell you though, I sure was happy when I hear those footsteps coming up behind me. Those guys thought I was some kind of animal at first. I guess I looked pretty rough. They kind of hesitated to approach me, but when I said “help” a couple times they came running” he explained.

Mr. Henderson is expected to make a full recovery, and will be back on his feet soon enough.

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