The Nature of News

Chapter 1, The Nature of News covers a multitude of topics within the Journalism industry. One of those topics is the topic of objectivity without even being said or stated. Objectivity in summary is when a writer shows no bias or favoritism towards a certain subject or person.

In my opinion, journalism shows a lot of subjectivity. Most writers are writing from a point of view that is solely based off of what they love or hate. Writers could also be defending a certain stance that they hold. For example, a stance that leans towards being a Republican or Democrat. The topic of are you a Republican or Democrat causes plenty of subjective behavior to take place, and this is shown at rallies, protests, meetings, or anything else that brings these type of political parties together.

Other topics of conversation that can spark up within the media are whether the media is fair or unfair. A lot of times we see lies on the news that destroy someone’s image which is unfair. But sometimes we see news that shows what someone has done, negative or positive, which is fair. I think that news should be looked at with a different light then just any other channel or program you are watching.

You need to be aware of what is true and what is not true. You cannot be easily swayed with stories that are hard to figure out if they are true or not. As a journalist you need to know your facts, do your research, and stand firm on your stances despite what others are thinking and/or doing.

As we read any kind of journalism book or if we are reading an article we need to read with morals and fairness without bias opinions that are derived from our personal preferences.

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