13 Gifts Before Christmas

Something I’ve learned early on, is that nothing happens for no reason. And while these may be lessons we’ve all heard over and over again, the way I present them could resonate with you. Maybe the day you read it, is the day you need to hear it the most. Who knows. All in all, these 13 lessons are meant to be positive. At the very least, they could just help you validate something you’ve already believed.

1) It is all bs (belief systems). Seriously. Everything we have been taught to believe in, to follow is bs. And at any point, you can change your bs. You can make it so that your bs serves you. Too many times I see people follow a set of beliefs that go against who they are personally, because they’ve been taught by their loved ones or society that they have to follow those certain rules to be accepted… and it’s just not true. You govern you. You control what you believe in. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to live your life. Take bits and pieces from those around you and create your own philosophy… your own bs (aka belief systems).

2) You are not alone. There is a higher power. Label this higher power whatever you’d like to name it… just know that it is there. It watches over you. It influences you from above. It gives you signs. It shows you what you need to see, when you need to see it. And it loves you. UNCONDITIONALLY. It believes in you more then you even believe in yourself. It surrounds you at all times. You are never alone. And because it is there with you, guiding you, you are encouraged to have faith in your journey. That higher power will not steer you wrong. Just trust and believe.

3) Every experience can be a lesson. Good or unfortunate. You should be opened to finding the lesson in every single experience. There is always a lesson to learn. Also, you are going through that experience for a specific reason. Appreciate what you are being taught… Or you will continue to be put in situations where you are forced to learn that lesson… Until you actually learn it.

4) Self-Love is the most necessary and fundamental love to have. You have to be your number one supporter in all that you do. Even when you fail. You have to be able to pick yourself up off the ground and force yourself to keep going. And you have to know that you deserve amazing things to happen to you. Know yourself, respect yourself, trust yourself. You are an amazing being, capable of doing extraordinary things.

5) People are always going to try to discourage you. And it’s not because they are haters. Or because you aren’t worthy of their praise… You have to realize that they too are dealing with their own bs (aka belief systems) and they need to work through it at their own pace. You have to shrug them off and forgive them. You have to move forward without letting their energy hold you back. And, you must also keep in mind that when dealing with people, you don’t always need to make your plans public. Sometimes to avoid unnecessary criticism you have to work silently.

6) Burn bridges. Make up in your mind that the thing you want most in your life, is the thing that you are going to get no matter what. You don’t need a plan B or any other plan. Stay honest with yourself and follow your vision with full faith that the universe is working in your favor. Do whatever you have to do to fulfill your dreams, even when it becomes uncomfortable. You will be rewarded.

7) Stay grateful. Always count your blessings. There are so many things in your life that are going right. I guarantee this. Even if it is something as simple as waking up that day and being able to feed yourself. Be so happy about where you are in the present day because it can all get taken away. The present is literally all you have. Appreciate it.

8) There is a universal connection between us all. Even those you consider your “enemies.” This world is like a huge puzzle. Your one job in this world is to find where you fit in and surround yourself with those that fit with you. You have to discover your true purpose, you have to follow through with that purpose… the entire world is counting on you to. Even if they don’t know it. You doing some small, simple act can put into action extraordinary things!

9) Thoughts are powerful. Words are powerful. Treat them with care. Weed out the negative self-talk. Replace it with encouraging words. Do whatever you need to do to get control of the way you think. It can save your entire life. Use them as tools to help you move forward. And use your words wisely, you never know who’s listening.

10) Know that the universe or your higher power brings you exactly who and what you need when you need them. There are no mistakes. Everyone you come across can help you in some way. They have been sent to help you. Also, they will leave if and when it is time for them to leave. And you have to let them.

11) Learn patience. Learn to move with the seasons. Learn to wait. And wait some more. But while you wait, work. Work on you. Because one day, you will receive exactly what you were asking for, and if you’re not ready, it can pass you. There is beauty in the slow, mundane, unattractive times. Find it.

12) Move from A to Z, 1 to 10. Take it step by step. These baby steps are necessary. You shouldn’t try to run before you can even walk… you will disappoint yourself. There is something to learn at every stage. Embrace those stages. It’ll help you appreciate the changes more as they come.

13) Don’t get so attached to your roles that when it is time to give them up, you are unable to continue with your life. Learn to move with change. This is the only thing constant. And for some reason, you are required to go through this change. Probably, to make you stronger. Accepting the change will be more comfortable and less time consuming than rejecting it. Rather you like it or not, your roles have shifted.

Peace and Love, Happiness and Freedom.

Tyler Franklin