Who am I? — The discovery of my Righteous Cause

My journey of discovery has been alive and with many angles. What I mean is that I have had a sense of awareness and appreciation of all that has been happening in my life which has led me to my Righteous Cause. It all coincides and involves the development and crafting of this book; it shows even in the title. Allow me to share with you how Discover the Unseen… came to be, and how those events have led me to my Righteous Cause for my life. The book started out as a business book, with processes and tools to help transform any business to efficiency. I would use the 25-plus years of my experiences and stories of how the processes and tools would lead companies to success. I had spent months outlining and preparing the manuscript for the book and felt good about the coming together of the material. As I have seen and facilitated the processes successfully for many companies in my career, I wanted to share those successes in the book. This all happened prior to my move to another state to finalize the book. Eventually, I moved to Seattle to be close to my publisher, and later the team that is a very important link to the success of this book. However, at the time of the move I was totally unaware of the exciting and unanticipated things that were about to happen in the following 10 months. The book started out with the basics of how to identify the vision of a company’s purpose, then explored the tools and processes necessary to sustain the direction and improvements. I had written over 65,000 words and structured it around a flow, with steps to follow that would assist the 
 Discover the Unseen reader in achieving the desired results. I had used these processes and tools with leadership teams to set the direction for their company, departments, and employees. One element that was paramount is “ownership,” not only from the top management but all the way to the shipping of the product or service to the customer, so it was a holistic approach, getting everyone engaged in the process. Things were coming together and we were pleased with the material; the time had come to edit. However, this is when the shift began, a shift in the direction of the book and/or the message. It seems the book went from a business instructional guide to a book with a message not just for the reader but for my own life.

My Wish for you and a lesson learned is that sometimes a shift can happen in your life that may not be planned and may even scare you — embrace it. When you approach the circumstance with being open to the new experience and assessing the good in it, you’ll begin to discovery the passion and truth within. Just as my 25+ years of business experience has turned out to be useful in personal meaningful way.